We want to say thank you so much for the wonderful grant for our Sophie. Without it we could not have done hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments. We are so blessed Sophie was one of the lucky ones picked for the grant. We had great hopes that it was a key to unlock a door to our daughter with wonderful improvements. During the treatments we saw amazing improvements in Sophie. She started to pay attention to things around her, her GI tract showed improvement, she started to talk more picking up words like grandpa, tissue and telling me when she needs a tissue instead of pointing at them and many more. Two months after HBOT we were still seeing progress in Sophie she was putting her sentences together more, communicating better with expressing her feelings and playing with other kids. Again this all would have not been able to be done if Sophie wasn’t one lucky girl picked for a grant. So thank you, Autism Hope Alliance for this great opportunity that helped with so many changes within our daughter Sophie.


The Schulz Family

Dave, Katie, Sophie and Nora.

Life is full of challenges and blessings and having our first child diagnosed with autism at 18 months of age has been full of both. The mainstream medical providers’ lack of understanding or even interest in problem solving is sharply contrasted by the tireless search by “alternative” doctors and practitioners and parents to reserve or even cure this disorder. Our family has been touched deeply and permanently by many liked minded folks who all follow the same philosophy. We have high hopes for Winston during his experience treating with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  Thank you so much for choosing my son, Winston Wirz for the grant to make it possible for him to treat with HBOT at WIHC. Winston would’ve not been able to experience HBOT without the wonderful grant we were offered from your organization. My son gained so many skills from HBOT within 40 sessions. As his parents we are truly happy and blessed we decided to take the opportunity & grant offer for our son. Again, thank you for choosing to help in the intervention of Winston Wirz we appreciate all the kindness.

We will be forever grateful,

Kelly, Natalia and Winston Wirz

My family and I would like to extend our extreme gratitude to the Autism Treatment Center of America’s Son-Rise Start-Up Program, and to the Enzymedica/Autism Hope Alliance for providing the funding for my attendance in the program this week.

Without your assistance, my presence would not have been possible, as we are a family of five with two Autistic children and very little extra money at the end of the month.

We know in or hearts that this program will be life changing for our children and we are so very grateful for the opportunity to come to the Autism Treatments Center and learn how to begin the program and maximize our children’s success in it.

Please know that your generosity has tremendously helped a family begin an exciting road that will be a lifelong journey of learning, progress and healing.

We are committed to giving the program 100% and have absolute faith in it, as we have already seen amazing things with some of the basic principles we learned at home before attending the Start-Up Program. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts; my family has truly been blessed by your amazing gift.

Warmest Regards,
Jerred Brown and Family (father of Blake and Isabel Brown, Florida)


Dear Donor,

I want to personally thank you for this amazing opportunity to be involved in this program. Without your help, there would be very little chance to participate. I am very hopeful in the process of learning and growing with this program and it’s teachings. Thank you for helping families reach their life goals as a family.

Kim Foss (mother of Hayla Foss age 5, Minnesota)

Dear Donor,

I want to thank the Autism Hope Alliance for giving me and my family the opportunity to participate in the Son-Rise program. It has been a long and difficult journey dealing with Jason’s autism. The Son-Rise program has given us renewed hope that there are skills we can teach Jason.

I can hardly wait to get back home so that I/we can put into action the skills I have learned this week. Thank you Autism Hope Alliance and also thank you to the Son-Rise program.

Michael (grandfather to Jason age 5 diagnosed autism), Canada

Dear Donor,

It is with utmost sincerity and gratitude that I am writing this letter. I spent the week at the Son-rise Program Sophe with your donation and full scholarship that I would have not been able to attend otherwise. I learned and grew immensely during the process. I would never have guessed that I would make so any close friends and learn so much in just a short amount of time.

The things that I have learned will have an immense effect on my life and those around me… a ripple effect if you will. I am anxious to get started… I can already tell that I will soon have a daughter that can communicate effectively. Thank you for providing this opportunity for myself and family grow.

Jeff (father to Sophie age 10-diagnosed with autism), Texas


Dear Donor,

I would like to thank you for giving me an opportunity to go on this amazing journey. I’m from Slovenia and I have two sons, one is 4.5 years and one is 2.5 years old. The older one Matic has autism. Almost 2 years ago I saw Bears speaking about a child’s potential and was so touched and at that moment I knew I wanted to do this program with my son.

We tried to work with him at home from what we learned from books ant the internet about Son-Rise. I am writing this on Friday (last day of training) I am almost finished with my Start-Up and I see that my son can progress even more. I learned so many things in a loving atmosphere with a group of great people from all over the world.
It’s nice to see how their children progressed when they tried to do some of the Son-Rise techniques and what HOPE we share for our kids. We cried and laughed together. I’m going home with strength, hope and love. Thanks to you. You made a wonderful change in my life, in my son’s future and in my family’s life. I wish you all the best in your life!

-Barbara (mother of Matic age 4-diagnosed with autism), Slovenia

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