Dear Donor,

Thank you for your generous gift to me and the opportunity you have given me to attend the February 2013 Start-Up program at the Autism Treatment Center of America. I have been interested in this program for years and am grateful to finally be here.

I have just completed three days of the training and am thoroughly enjoying learning new ways to help my son, Joshua. The presentations have been full of energy, excitement and enthusiasm (the three E’s as the Son-Rise staff says), which inspires me to use all three E’s when working with my son and in life in general. Parents, like me are searching for the best ways to help recover their children. As Joshua’s greatest resource, I am grateful to you for this training opportunity I have received.

Thank you for the told you have played in helping a beautiful child to succeed. I believe my son is fearfully and wonderfully made by God. I will leave here with a renewal vision of love for him, perseverance for the read we will walk, and belief that anything is possible for him!

Tanya (mother to Joshua age 8-diagnosed with autism), New Hampshire

Dear Donor,

I have a 6 year old son with autism and we live in California where the cost of living (house, therapies) are very high. We couldn’t have imagined attending the Son-Rise program. It was such a great experience attending the program… it has given me more knowledge, more hope and has showed me the way to love my son more besides all the challenged in life.
I can never thank you enough for making this happen. I really wish there were more organization like you, so more families like us in need would benefit from it. We are so grateful to you!!

Thank you once again,
Anitha (mother of Ashwath age 3-diagnosed with autism), California

Dear Donor,

Thank you for your generous contribution. The Start-Up Program is a wonderful opportunity for me to learn more about myself and to heal myself so I can better take care of my son. It will allow him to grow and as he grows, our family now has the ability to flourish. Our son is 9 years old, high functioning but really struggles socially and interacting with his younger brother. He tends to be oppositional and hits his brother regularly. This opportunity has come at just the right moment in our lives and we will be eternally grateful. Thanks again for your generosity.

Angele (mother of Aidan age 5-diagnosed with PDD-NOS), Wisconsin


Dear Donor,

My name is Jessica and I am attending the Son-Rise Start-Up program thanks to your generous donation. This experience would never have been possible since my husband and I recently closed our business and we are not financially stable. My daughter’s name is Mara and I have enclosed a picture. She was diagnosed in January of 2012 with autism and we are excited to start a part-time Son-Rise program next month. I believe everything happens for a reason and your donation was given at the perfect time and I believe our family will forever be changed.

Jessica (mother of Mara age 3-diagnosed with autism), New York

Dear Donor,

Thank you for the opportunity to spend the week doing the Son-Rise Start-Up program. Because of your donation my husband and I were both able to come. This week has been emotional, transformative, powerful and rewarding. We’re EXHAUSTED! More importantly we’re ENERGIZED!

Our son Jackson will be turning 4. We’ve struggled with his diagnosis for a little over 2 years now. For the first time we have a perspective and a path that feels exciting and comfortable for us to follow, utilizing our strongest asset-our LOVE for our child.
Your donation is a life-altering gift to our family. We will forever be thankful.

Kari (mother of Jackson age 4-diagnosed with PDD-NOS), New York

Dear Donor,

I want to thank you for the wonderful blessing you have provided to my child and my family by providing me with a scholarship to the Son-Rise program. My son Noah was diagnosed with severe autism at age 2.5 years. He is now 3 years old. Despite his grim diagnoses I never lost hope that he could recover form autism. I have chosen “unconventional” methods to help him. My instincts always told me there was a better solution.
During my research for therapies and treatment, I came across Son-Rise. Before I received the scholarship I didn’t know how I would raise the funds to attend. We had been spending everything we had on autism treatments and it seemed like there was nothing left. Thanks to you I am here at the Start-Up program. I am now filled with so much HOPE that Noah will recover from autism.
You are doing such a wonderful thing for families and providing hope for a bright future. I cannot express my gratitude enough for what you have given my son.

Blessings to you,
Angela (mother of Noah age 3-diagnosed with autism), Texas


Dear Donor,

Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart (Enzymedica/Autism Hope Alliance) for sponsoring me so I could attend The Option Institue’s Start Up Program. It was a pleasure to meet all the fabulous Son-Rise Program team. I had learned so much during my time there. I can’t wait to start working with my son Sebastian in his playroom. Now I feel more confidence and have a better understanding of my son’s world. I hope to see you next year for the next two programs.

Thank you very much, Rocio Christensen (mother of son Sebastian age 8), Ohio

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