As a leader in the gluten-free world, Udi’s is focused on one thing:
Making food taste good. We aim to reconnect people with what makes them love their food, and unite both gluten-eaters and gluten-free foodies over a good meal. Here at Udi’s, we want you to relax and have a little fun with your food. Create a new sandwich (we hear that peanut butter and banana is making a huge comeback) or kick back with a frozen skillet meal to relax after a busy day. If you’re looking for us at your local shop or national chain, just look for the big yellow label—you really can’t miss it. We make our products easy to find and easy to use, and we make gluten free for all.

Glutino embodies the concept of living fully while losing the gluten. With a wide assortment of baking mixes, pretzels and cookies, Glutino takes the world of gluten-free snacking to the next level. We give you the choice to either make it yourself or buy it already-perfect, and we support your decision to eat an entire bag of fudge-covered pretzels in one sitting if you want to. Glutino isn’t just about being gluten-free, it’s about having control of your food choices and enjoying them to the fullest. So enjoy, and eat as many bags of pretzels as you want—we won’t judge you.