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How can I avoid Digestive Discomfort when I am traveling?

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The Ultimate Paleo Food List

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paleo diet

The Ultimate Paleo Food List

 The Paleolithic, Paleo, Caveman, or Stone-Age Diet, is focused on returning to the diet that our evolutionary ancestors ate before they settled into an agricultural lifestyle. The idea stems from a belief that the change in diet and lifestyle between the Paleolithic era and the Neolithic Revolution led to the existence of many diseases and health problems that we humans have today, including obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and many autoimmune disorders as well. Proponents of Paleo eating, including the author of The Paleo Diet, Loren Cordain, advocate that many of these issues can be avoided by returning to eating habits practiced by hunter-gatherers.

Although long-term effects of the Paleo diet have not been studied at this point, there are some positive health effects that many Paleo eaters report, including lowered blood sugar, weight loss, and higher energy levels. So, “What is the downside?” The Paleo diet can be a tough transition, as there are quite a few restrictions on what you can and cannot eat. Below, we’ve put together an extensive, but by no means definitive, list of foods that are Paleo-friendly and a list of foods that are not accepted under the Paleo diet. Remember, our ancestors lived in very diverse areas with different dietary options, so there is technically not a single, “correct” Paleo diet. This is all about emulating early human eating habits to try and retain their health benefits. It’s okay to personalize the diet with what works best for you.

What Are The Rules of Paleo?


The most basic rule of the Paleo lifestyle is that you do not eat anything that our Paleolithic ancestors either could not or would not have eaten. The “could not” part refers to anything that involves modern processing technologies, such as processed grains, candy, or added sugars like in fruit juices. The “would not” part is a little different, and can cause some confusion when eating Paleo. Legumes like peanuts and beans were likely around in the Paleolithic Era, but evidence suggests that our ancestors either did not eat them at all, or simply did not eat them like we do today. Thus, all legumes are technically not on the Paleo Diet. The same goes for many starchy vegetables like white potatoes and squashes.

Um, No Potatoes?

Nope. Some foods that the Paleo diet restricts are simply due to health reasons. As the main purpose of the Paleo diet is to restore humans to our “natural” or evolutionary state of healthy living, some limits have been placed on foods that do not seem to meet those standards. Most food items on the Paleo list have a few things in common:


· High in protein
· Low in carbohydrates
· Low score on the glycemic index
· High in fiber
· Moderate to high in fat intake (mostly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats)
· High in potassium and low in sodium
· Net dietary alkaline load that balances dietary acid
· High in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and plant phytochemicals

It follows, then, that if an item does not meet these qualifications, it may be seen as not truly Paleo. So out go your starches and foods that are high on the glycemic index, like lentils and legumes!

Where Does This Leave Me?

Great question. There are a ton of items still acceptable to the hunter-gatherer’s diet. Here is a list of some of the most common foods that those on the Paleolithic diet love to consume regularly. Stock up on these foods if you plan on going Paleo!
· Meat, preferably lean meats like chicken, and grass-fed, free-range choices
· Fresh Vegetables, preferably the non-starchy ones
· Fresh Fruits
· Any kind of nut that can be eaten raw (cashews, almonds, pecans, etc.)
· Fish and Seafood of all kinds, including Shellfish and Sashimi!
· Eggs
· Seeds, those that can be eaten raw
· Healthy Oils (olive, walnut, flaxseed, macadamia, avocado, and coconut)
· Clarified Butter, or Ghee
· Sweet Potatoes (only in moderation)

In general, you can eat as much meat, as many fruits, and as many veggies as you would like. However, the balance needs to be right as a whole so that you are not missing out on nutrients or stock-piling too much of one thing. The main nutrient issue with the Paleo diet is that it contains no dairy whatsoever. Dairy is a good source of calcium, riboflavin, and vitamin D, so followers of the Paleo diet may be deficient in some of these categories. Other deficiencies include Magnesium, Iron, and Folic Acid. Pay attention to your consumption of these nutrients to stay as healthy as possible. Foods like leafy greens, roe/caviar, and chicken livers can help you gain all of these nutrients.


Another health issue with Paleo eating is that it is very possible for a person to eat too much protein. Having too much protein can leave you feeling nauseated and parched, as well as lead to more serious issues like kidney damage. Make sure you do not rely on meat or other proteins for the majority of your diet while trying to follow the Paleo diet. Try to mix it up, and maintain a balance of at least 1/3 protein, 1/3 carbohydrates, and 1/3 fats. Luckily the fats included in the Paleo plan are almost all monounsaturated or Omega-3 fats, otherwise known as “good” fats so you will no longer be storing the bad fats up with every meal!

One additional note – most Paleo followers only eat grass-fed or free-range meats. The belief is that these are more closely related to the meats that our ancestors ate as they were hunting in the wild. Also, many animals today are given feed that is high in saturated fats and sugar, as well as various chemicals that are not Paleo.

Okay, What Can I NOT Eat?


This list is by no means exhaustive, as the packaged, canned, and boxed foods category could go on and on forever. However, many of the most commonly opposed foods on the Paleo diet are listed below so you can see what you would be letting go of if you started following the Paleo plan. Many of these products are high in saturated fats and refined sugars which are commonly believed to not be good for your body. As we mentioned, there is no tried and true correct Paleo diet, but most people on Paleo have made the diet fit to make their body feel best. The key here is moderation—for instance, honey is a way better option than an added sugar supplement, and potatoes in their pure sense are not terrible. Just avoid the processed versions like fries and potato chips!

Foods That Are Not Paleo:
· White Potatoes and Squashes
· All Dairy Products besides Butter and Heavy Cream
· Any Processed Foods or foods that contain processed foods (anything in a bag, can, or box at the store)
· Legumes (peanuts, beans, peas, lentils etc.)
· All Cereal Grains
· Any Kind of Rice
· Overly Salty Foods
· Vegetable, Hydrogenated and Partly Hydrogenated Oils
· Processed Meats (think Spam!)
· Soft Drinks, Fruit Juices, and Energy Drinks (due to the added sugars)
· Alcohol (Red Wine is the best if you have to cheat, though!)
· Caffeine in General
· Coffee – Oh no!
· All Foods and Drinks with Added Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners
· Meat Substitutes like Soy, Tofu, etc.
· Candy and Processed Snack Foods
· Honey (most of the time)

Basically, you will avoid anything that is not a raw animal or plant product. This list should help you rule out some of the questionable items, but again, it is not definitive. Always make sure you read your labels to see if an item contains sugars or oils that you would not expect!

Paleo Cooking Methods


So we tend to use the word “raw” very often when discussing Paleo diets. It may be scary to imagine yourself chowing down on a giant plate of raw spinach every night, but that is definitely not the case. Our ancestors did have access to basic cooking, so some methods of preparing your foods are allowed on the Caveman Diet. You will need to stay away from frying and anything that involves flour or breading, as well as pay attention to what oils are used to cook your foods. When eating out, remember to always ask your waiter about the oils used and stick to those that are Paleo-approved (olive, walnut, flaxseed, macadamia, avocado, and coconut)!

Paleo Cooking Methods:
· Grilling – There is nothing like a perfectly grilled steak or chicken breast! Try grilling your veggies, or even some fruits like tomatoes and pineapple, for Paleo skewers that are delicious!
· Braising – This method creates the most tender meats by searing them first and then slowly cooking the rest of the meat.
· Sauteeing – Again, just pay attention to what oils you use!
· Stir-Frying – Try Paleo-friendly Cauliflower Rice and Coconut Aminos in place of rice and soy sauce!
· Roasting – Use the drippings from your roasting pan to create a Paleo-friendly sauce !
· Slow Cooking – Perfect for getting fall-off-the-bone meat and so easy for the busy Cavemen out there!
· Steaming – Works well for hard vegetables to get them really crisp!
· Poaching – Ideal for chicken or fish filets to keep them moist and flavorful!

With all of these cooking methods, you have just enough leeway to get your imagination going and create some delicious and healthy Paleo meals!

Paleo Recipes

apple chips

Since The Paleo Diet was released in 2002, the popularity of Caveman eating has grown considerably. Luckily, this has made it easier than ever to make the transition from modern eating to Paleo eating. Any of your favorite non-Paleo treats most likely have a Paleo substitute recipe (or four) out there already! We encourage you to create your own substitutions as well!

Some popular Paleo substitutions include:
· Bob’s Red Mill Paleo Baking Flour for All-Purpose Flour
· Coconut or Almond Milk when dairy is needed
· Coconut Aminos for Soy Sauce
· Honey or Maple Syrup (if you have to) instead of sugar
· Cauliflower makes a delicious rice substitute!
· Spaghetti Squash or Zucchini Noodles in exchange for regular noodles
· Ghee, not Margarine (Ghee is also known as clarified butter)
· Cauliflower Pizza Crust with all of your favorite veggie and meat toppings!
· Nut Mix as a substitute for Granola in your parfaits or oatmeal
· Almond Butter, not Peanut Butter
· Dark Chocolate instead of Milk Chocolate
· Cauliflower as a stand in for Chickpeas in Hummus
· Plantain, Kale, Apple, or other Chips as a Paleo-friendly potato chip option
· Greens or Lettuce in place of Tortillas or Bread

Bob’s Red Mill carries some delicious oats and flour substitutes that are Paleo friendly! Some of our favorite treats have been made Paleo by using these substitutions, including pancakes, cookies, and brownies. I think we can all agree that not having to give up pizza is for the best!

paleo salad

Going Paleo is about getting in touch with our evolutionary past as humans and learning more about our bodies, with a goal of keeping them as fit and healthy as possible. The Paleo lifestyle extends further than food in a lot of areas, such as treating food as a fuel source for exercising, and only eating when you are hungry as the “cavemen” did. Although the long-term effects of Paleo eating have not yet been studied, the health benefits of a more produce-heavy diet are obvious. If you choose to transition to a Paleo diet, we encourage you to share your favorite recipes and your progress in the comments below!

Never Stop Believing

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So this video is almost 4 min and might seem like no big deal. Some might even wonder how could I be so excited?! Well, Jax in the history of going to the beach has never drawn by himself in the sand. Typically it’s me w his help. He is often anxious and nervous to try stuff… today he did it all by himself…. telling me each random animal he wanted to draw… I was so excited and as we left I couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down my cheek as I watched him run happily on the sand. I get my booty kicked by autism often and moments like this remind me to never give up that he is in there… even w limited language… this took years…. I knew he could do it! Never give up… our kids are in there… I will always be this kiddos biggest cheerleader! Go Jax Go!! #autism #nevergiveup #neverstopbelieving


Way to start the year off….NeverGiveUp

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I am in tears… of joy! This kiddo was hanging out alone in his room and colored this by himself! Now you might think: “So what is the big deal?” This kid just started coloring this year from time to time. I have never seen him outline in my life! He colored all of this by memory as there was nothing to copy as it was just a blank coloring page. He doesn’t really watch almost anything w Mickey Mouse so this is from his memory. I am blown away and am sobbing as this is so huge! I am going to frame this for sure. He is emerging more and more and I am overjoyed with emotions.
I will never take anything for granted and I am so proud of him! What a great way to start the year! Go Jax Go!! #neverevergiveup #autism #hope#greatthingstocome2017

Check out our latest newsletter and our big announcement!

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December 2016

Dear AHA Friends,

We at AHA can’t believe how fast this year flew by! Since we last spoke in July we attended 3 National Conferences across the US, attended 2 Health Expo’s, participated in 2 fundraisers for AHA and donated our time at an awareness event sharing our message of Hope and Help.

We are so much greater in numbers and we are proud to announce to our growing AHA Family our latest partners:

Beach Organics Skin Care  

Houston Enzymes

Innovative Nutraceuticals

     Vitamin Friends

Desert Farms

Please check out their websites to learn more about them!

We are also excited to announce our latest Network Affiliates:

Califia Farms

Organic Gemini- TigerNut

Bob’s Red Mill

Nutra Links

Please check out their websites for more info.

If you haven’t checked out our FB page you are missing out! We have too many giveaways to count from all of our wonderful partners and affiliates.

In 2016, we were able to give nearly $200k in donations to families from our generous partners and affiliates! We at AHA couldn’t do it without them and we are so grateful to get to work with the best of the best giving options to families to try or learn about.


We at AHA have a new program we are unrolling in 2017! It is called: The Gift of Hope. The program is designed to support families of children with Autism. The gift is made possible by means of the generous donations of our sponsors and contains essential nutritional products. Families that are approved will receive a one month supply of three to four products every month for a year, after which, they can re-qualify


In order to qualify for the program you must fill out a scholarship form and it is a first come, first serve basis. As we raise more dollars for the program, we will be able to gift more scholarships and will pull from those that have submitted first. This program is a dream come true for AHA as our belief is a child or individual that feels good can do good. Make sure to go to the site to fill out your scholarship application:

We at AHA wish you and your family and happy and healthy Winter Season!

See you in 2017!

Warmest regards,


Kristin Selby Gonzalez, President

Mother of Jaxson, age 14 (diagnosed with autism)


Beach Drawings

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So this video is almost 4 min and might seem like no big deal. Some might even wonder how could I be so excited?! Well, Jax in the history of going to the beach has never drawn by himself in the sand. Typically it’s me w his help. He is often anxious and nervous to try stuff… today he did it all by himself…. telling me each random animal he wanted to draw… I was so excited and as we left I couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down my cheek as I watched him run happily on the sand. I get my booty kicked by autism often and moments like this remind me to never give up that he is in there… even w limited language… this took years…. I knew he could do it! Never give up… our kids are in there… I will always be this kiddos biggest cheerleader! Go Jax Go!! #autism #nevergiveup #neverstopbelieving

Click Here To Watch Video


Making Lemonade out of lemons

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Sometimes it’s the smaller things in life that mean the most! So yesterday as I was in my meetings in my office, I heard Jax in his room with his father and his therapist and he sounded quite upset. I couldn’t help him as I was in the middle of the call. So I just prayed silently that he would start to do better. As that call ended and my nxt call was minutes away I ran into see what the issue was. He was crying and was upset. He saw me and smiled briefly. I had a new coloring book with me and gave to him in hopes it might help. It did for a bit. As I jumped on the nxt call I started to hear him again get upset. Again, nothing I could do at the moment but pray. I finished up that call and started the nxt. Luckily, that would be my last scheduled call for the day. As that call wrapped up I headed to his room. He instantly said, “In N Out Fries” which is a treat for him. I looked at the clock knowing therapy was slated for another 2 hours still. So I said in a couple hours. He again said, “In N Out Fries.” So I calculated the time and said ok and told him to use the restroom first and we would go. I looked at the therapist and asked her if she minded taking a car ride with us. She happily agreed. As we got in the car, Jax was very excited. Perhaps he just needed a break like all of us do at times. He selected the music station he wanted to listen to and away we went. In the drive thru line I asked Jax if he wanted a lemonade at Chick-Fil-A which is nxt door to In N Out. He said yes. Again this is a special treat for him and he knows that. So we get the fries and I proceed to drive out of the parking lot forgetting about the lemonade. As I am about to turn to head towards the street Jax says loudly, “Lemonade!” I stop in my tracks realizing I had forgotten but, more importantly so amazed he didn’t and that he vocalized it! I had to back up illegally as another car was approaching fast and I wanted him to know I heard him! I was so happy and just in awe of him! I wanted to shout, “My son just asked for a lemonade! Don’t you know how big a deal that is!” As I handed him the lemonade his smile beamed!15283943_10211015229685719_7730230075601825215_n
I know to some that might not be that big of a deal but to me it was everything! I could actually give my son who never wants for anything something he really wanted and was able to ask for!
I know our kiddos are in there and I will never give up helping unlock that door!
Even writing this brings tears to my eyes as I will never forget that moment ever and every time I see a Chick-fil-A, I will remember that day! I am so glad I got in the car to get him fries, as what a gift he gave me. #lemonade#nevergiveup #autism #chickfila

Are you afraid to get your child’s blood drawn?

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Autism, Hope, Biomedical, diet, Autism Hope alliance


Introducing an easier way for your child to get their blood drawn!

Meet Christopher Hayward, Certified Phlebotomist – Game changer for our kiddos 04-lpro1024qhprcvf-1

AHA   Let’s start out by explaining to those what is a phlebotomist  ?

CH   A phlebotomist is the person who draws the blood.

AHA   Is there a difference between what you do and someone in a “typical” blooddraw lab does?

CH   No, there is no difference other than I will draw the blood from a patient in the comfort of their own home which results in a calmer more comfortable approach.

AHA   We know many of our families agonize over getting bloodwork done because often our kiddos have a difficult time.  You seem to be able to work with our families with such ease.  If the patient needs more time to feel comfortable is that an issue for you?

CH   Not at all, I will take as much time as needed and have done that many times.  Luckily, I am a good stick and will usually get the blood drawn on the first try.

AHA   Can you explain what a mobile phlebotomist is?

CH   A mobile phlebotomist draws blood from a patient according to what was ordered by a physician in the comfort of a patient’s own home or work.  Once it is drawn, I will spin the blood down, if needed, and then take it to the lab or mail the test if it involves a specialty test or kit.

AHA   What motivated you to want to become a mobile phlebotomist?

CH   I saw a need, especially with special needs children and children with seizures who need their blood drawn prior to taking a morning dose of medication but labs are typically not open this early in the morning. 


AHA   Can you explain the steps that happen once you arrive to paint a better picture to those reading this?

CH   I am usually contacted by the parents or patient themselves.  We will schedule a time that is most convenient for both of us, taking into account fasting and non-fasting lab orders.  Once I arrive, I will assess the situation, sometimes this involves discussing it with the parents, other times I will discuss things with the child.  Many times, they are in an area of the home that is comfortable to them, often watching TV or using an iPad or tablet.  I will answer any questions that parents or kids may have, often the kids ask “will it hurt?”.  I will need to feel the veins and use a tourniquet on the arm.  A small butterfly needle is used to get the blood.  I have learned to change the tubes quickly as I am drawing and often the entire procedure is done before the child realizes.

AHA   Do patients need any special paperwork in order to have you come to their home?

CH   Just a lab order is needed from their doctor.

AHA   Most kids have crazy schedules, do you accommodate and work around that to schedule a time that is convenient?

CH   Yes, of course.  I will come to the home before the kids go to school or after they return.  I often will see patients on the weekend as well so that I do not interfere with their school schedule.

AHA   You are located in Southern California. What cities do you travel to?

CH   As far north as Santa Barbara, east to the inland empire and south to San Diego, including all cities in between.

AHA   What is the typical cost for you to go to the home?

CH   It depends on where the patient is located but local blood draws are $40 – $60.

AHA   Do you only work with children with special needs or can the whole family utilize you, as we don’t know anyone who likes going to a lab?

CH   I am more than happy to draw the entire family. 

AHA   If someone doesn’t live in the Southern California area, how do they find someone like you in their area?

CH   You can try to Google mobile phlebotomist.

I started drawing blood at the age of 11 years old.  At that time, I worked at a vet office and started drawing blood on animals in a small town in East Texas.  I also would draw my brother’s blood as16-lpro1024qhprcvf-13 he had hemochromatosis and needed to have blood drawn as he had too much iron in his blood.  My brother was a lab technician and he taught me how to draw his blood.  Over the years, I developed my skills.  I have worked at MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston, Methodist Hospital in Houston, Mission Hospital in Orange County (including trauma), Red Cross donor center and various local labs.  Approximately 15 years ago, I helped start a company performing mobile phlebotomy.  Five years ago, I started my own business called OC Home Phlebotomy which has continued to grow thanks to word of mouth and great organizations such as Autism Hope Alliance believing in me.

Christopher Hayward, ASCP, CPT1

Phlebotomist CPT 53243

OC Home Phlebotomy

Mobile Blood Collection

41 Lavendera

Phone 949-939-6729 or 949-680-9898

Fax 949-682-1926


This blog is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We always recommend consulting with your doctor with any questions or beginning a new protocol.


Working for a Purpose

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Autism, Hope, Biomedical, diet, Autism Hope alliance

Working for a Purpose

Getting to know the Founder of the Autism Hope Alliance:

An interview with Tom Bohager

Founder and Director, Autism Hope Alliance


AHA   You have recently resigned from Enzymedica and are now taking a more active role at the Autism Hope Alliance. What do you see for the future of AHA?

TB   Though I am very proud of the success of Enzymedica, I am so very excited about the future of the Autism Hope Alliance. The need for education, financial assistance and access to trusted quality nutritional products is at an all-time high among those in this community. I see our efforts helping thousands of families to find and have access to such resources. We have received a grant recently that allows us to increase our capacity for these goals without using donated funds and this makes the opportunity to help more families all the more exciting.


 “Those unaffected by Autism too need to be educated

                                        on what they can do to support those in need.” 


AHA   While at Enzymedica, you certainly have helped millions of people in regards to their overall health when it comes to digestion. What lessons will you take that you learned there, that you plan on utilizing at the Autism Hope Alliance?

TB   One thing I learned at Enzymedica is that education is the key to success. Though we hadabfe32ec57dbdeaa7e51b15543044895 very little in the way of a budget to market our products, Enzymedica became the best selling brand in its category. The reason for this was we focused on educating retailers and consumers about the benefits of high potency, high quality products. I believe, what the Autism community needs is access to trustworthy education. This will empower caregivers to make better choices.  There’s so much confusion about what alternatives are available to families with autism, and if we can be a provider of such resources, we will make a difference. In addition to distributing nearly 40,000 educational booklets since we began in 2009, we sponsored the Autism Hope Summit in early 2016. People in over 170 countries benefited from that effort and I look forward to even greater success with our second summit in 2017.  

Those unaffected by Autism too need to be educated on what they can do to support those in need. I have great confidence in people in general and when the right people understand that a relatively small effort or monetary contribution can do so much good for a family in need, people will step up.


Autism is the fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the U.S.

and more children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with

AIDS, diabetes & cancer combined.   


AHA   You could have picked any cause in the world to help support, what lead you to Autism?

TB   My introduction to Autism came 13 years ago when we discovered that families of children with autism we’re using our products to help with severe digestive issues common among those diagnosed. Since then, I have seen such a dramatic increase in the prevalence of this issue that it is horrifies me. Autism is the fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the U.S. and more children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with AIDS, diabetes & cancer combined.  Honestly, these stats alone make the decision to support this cause easy for me. Adding to this is the fact that so few resources are available to assist. There are simple solutions available that can help reduce common symptoms and/or recover children. Yet so few have access to trustworthy, reliable information.

AHA   Do you have one story that stands out in regards to Autism that touched your heart?

TB   There are many stories that have touched me. But I think I need to go back to the first one. 13 years ago I was introduced to Karen DeFelice. She wrote a book called “Enzymes & Autism”. In that book she described the success that she achieved with easily accessible supplements and a restrictive diet. So moved by the progress her two sons made she decided to tour the country and tell as many parents as possible about what she had learned. When I met Karen I wanted to be apart of the education that she was providing and so began to sponsor all of her events to offset the costs she incurred in her endeavor. Watching the reactions of the families and hearing of their successes first hand inspired me on so many levels.


We provide guidance in identifying companies that caregivers

can trust while making these high quality products affordable

for those with a financial need.” 


AHA   With so many non-profits out there, how do you think AHA will stand out?

TB   I see us as a mediator between the Autism community and the Natural Foods Community. The Natural Foods Community is uniquely equipped to help families with a diagnosis, but need help communicating their message. The Autism Community needs to better understand the differences between all of the thousands of natural foods companies and identify the best among them. Navigating the millions of marketing messages and claims from the thousands of companies can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in. We provide guidance in identifying companies that caregivers can trust while making these high quality products affordable for those with a financial need. No one is attempting to do this and I am convinced we are the most qualified.

AHA   What is your reaction and feelings now that your family has also decided to join forces and help the mission at AHA?


TB   My goal has always been to steer my three sons in a direction that will provide a career with a high level of fulfillment and more importantly afford them the time and opportunity to also volunteer to help others less fortunate then our family. As you might imagine, I am incredibly happy to be able to do this with AHA.

AHA   For the families out there that feel lost at the moment, what words of encouragement can you give them?

TB   There is nothing more powerful than hope so never give it up. Nurture it, cultivate it and don’t let anyone tell you your naive for having it. Wear it like a badge of honor. And finally, it’s never too late to start your journey to recovery.

AHA   What are three things you would suggest a family do after they get the diagnosis?

TB   1)   Immediately remove gluten and casein from their child’s diet.

        2)   Read the resource booklet distributed by the Autism Hope Alliance called “Autism – What the Experts Know” and listen to the Autism Hope Summit. Then choose a course based on your personal intuition that will help your child.

       3)   Never lose sight of the need to replenish, refresh and rejuvenate yourself. Caregivers all too often burn out and lose hope. A way must be found through the assistance of family members, friends and volunteers to continually care for the caregiver.

AHA   What final message do you want to leave for families that have individuals with Autism?

TB    Surround yourselves with people who will be supportive and inspire hope. Avoid and remove any toxic influence and be open-minded.  Sometimes the best solutions come from the most unexpected places.


” It’s never too late to start your journey to recovery.”



This blog is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We always recommend consulting with your doctor with any questions or beginning a new protocol.


How to Stay Inspired

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Autism, Hope, Biomedical, diet, Autism Hope alliance

How to Stay Inspired When You Feel Hopeless

An Interview with Tom Nix

Author, Motivational Speaker, Inspirational Business Leader and Philanthropist


AHA   Many families today, especially those with children with Special Needs often feel defeated and have nothing left to give, as they are exhausted living day to day. What advice can you give to families that can help them stay motivated?

TN   It’s natural to feel depressed and sorry for yourself when you face difficult challenges in life but there is no benefit from this attitude. It’s okay to throw yourself a short pity party occasionally but set a deadline then get back to managing your mindset. Keeping a positive enthusiastic can-do attitude takes practice, discipline and commitment but can be done regardless of life’s challenges. You can manage your mind with affirmations, visualization, positive mental self talks, pictures and reading a list of everything you have to be happy about when you are down in the dumps. Your readers can get a free copy of what I call “Life’s Key Concepts” on my website listed below which will explain how to implement these concepts. I’ve used these change your mind change your life concepts for 40 years to overcome challenges and dramatically improve my life.

AHA   What gave you the strength to turn your life around and become the person you are today?

TN   I had a defining moment when a friend encouraged me to listen to a book on tape called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This book launched me on a crusade for about 10 years of listening to self-help books on tape and going to seminars trying to figure out how to be happy and successful. I realized I could be, do and have more than I’ve ever dreamed possible by implementing the concepts I’ve outlined on my paper Life’s Key Concepts.

AHA   Often families can fall into the “victim” role and it is easier to blame others or the world around them for all the problems they might be facing. How does someone get out of the “victim” mentality and become empowered again?

TN   Feeling like you’re a victim is debilitating, keeps you stuck in a bad place and prevents you from creating a better future for yourself and your family. Take the attitude that this is the hand I’ve been dealt and I am going to make the most of it. Never look at what you’ve lost, avoid running your misfortune over and over in your mind, stay calm and create a plan to move your life forward in a positive manner. Employ the serenity prayer “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference”

AHA   Often as a parent it seems impossible to balance and juggle work, family and “me” time. What would you say to those parents?

TN   There’s a lot of information available regarding time management that is usually designed for business people but can be used in our personal lives as well. Pigeonholing is one of the techniques you can use to feel less overwhelmed. You focus your attention and thoughts on a few things and put everything else aside until later. It is important to have a follow-up note or other document to be sure nothing falls through the cracks then stick everything in a drawer so it is out of sight and out of mind. Review the contents of this drawer regularly and determine the next things you want to focus your attention on.

AHA   You have been married to the same amazing woman Pam for 46 years and went through ups and downs just like many of those out there. What is your secret to a happy marriage?

It takes a lot to maintain a happy marriage for decades and it starts with picking the right partner, trust and the commitment that no matter what it takes, we are going to work things out. This will help you get through really challenging times that are
inevitable in most marriages. We try to accept each other just the way we are and tomnixset realistic expectations. We talk issues out and sometimes negotiate a reasonable position that we can both accept which requires compromise. We learned to postpone emotional discussions until the next day, which is very hard to do, but letting things settle before addressing them is a huge benefit. We’ve had date night almost once a week for 46 years. We believe setting aside time to have fun together and intimacy is important for the relationship and the entire family. We look for ways to make the other person happy and look for the good in each other.

TN    Let’s shift gears a bit… You have been quite successful in the business world. What were some things you did to overcome fear of failure?

I overcame fear by defining why I was afraid and then putting it in perspective. Was it really that bad? Could I live with the consequences if my worst fear became reality? I would have positive self talks telling myself I can handle this and I can handle more. I would walk through my fears by doing the thing I was afraid of until it was comfortable. I would also use visualization techniques to see myself handling situations in a brave and appropriate way. I would act brave until I actually was brave.  However, sometimes fear is justified and represents a stop sign you should pay attention to. I tried to determine whether the fear I felt was in fact an   appropriate warning sign not to take a certain course of action.

TN    What are 3 things you would suggest to those reading that can help a parent take the first steps to happiness?

  • Learn ways to change your mind and consequently your life by reading Life’s Key Concepts and watching the film ”The Secret” at
  • Choose a healthy lifestyle. Exercise regularly, eat right, maintain a healthy weight, moderate alcohol use and completely avoid cigarette smoking and hard drugs. Good health is the cornerstone of all good things in life and crucial to being the best you can be for your family.
  • Join a support group. Stay on the lookout for new and different ways to help your child experience the best life possible. Be sure to arrange personal time, which is important for you and your family. Count your blessings.

AHA   After all you have achieved, what do you think is your greatest achievement?

TN   Creating a happy healthy prosperous life in spite of the fact that I was very unhappy as a young man and encountered numerous serious challenges in my life’s journey.

AHA    Where can people find out more about you and continued to be inspired?

TN   People can get a free copy of Life’s Key Concepts on my website by clicking on the “about the book” tab and selecting the Life’s Key Concepts icon.

This blog is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We always recommend consulting with your doctor with any questions or beginning a new protocol.



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