Family owned and operated for nearly 25 years, Barlean’s is considered the premium Omega-3 company in the natural foods industry with a product line that includes organic flax oil and flax oil blends, fish oil, green food concentrates and other premium supplements. Unparalleled product quality, taste and customer satisfaction, has earned Barlean’s countless industry awards. The company has been named both the #1 Health Food Store Brand and Manufacturer of the Year.

Recently, the Barlean family initiated a shift in the company mission – one that is decidedly focused on giving back. The phrase populating the company’s logo, “Pathway to a Better Life” illustrates a commitment to provide assistance and offer development opportunities that will empower long-term prosperity to both local and global communities. Barlean’s new social mission will focus on openly channeling company profits to qualified, “on-the-ground” partners who facilitate programs that benefit those who need it the most.