No magic wands – just a pair of great friends putting their heads and hearts together to make something delicious for themselves and the people they care about.

It had to be special – clear and simple. It had to be free of gluten, grains, dairy, soy and refined sugars. As a former kindergarten teacher, Jen wanted it to have bright appeal and fabulous taste. As a sales professional, Debbi knew it needed to be simple enough to pop in a purse or bag and take to work or errand-running. They both knew it needed to be something that people couldn’t live without. It had to be fun – a treat you could feel good about and taste that could add some bounce to your day. It needed to sparkle!

They recalled the elements of life they find magical: Twinkling stars, summer dusk at the beach, a coincidental meeting, an unexpected chivalrous gesture, the perfect new accessory. Could they conjure up all these positives in a single snack?

They pulled together a collection of awesome quality ingredients, put on their favorite ’80s music, and started to make their own magic – a fortunate stroke of serendipity! Creating CharmedBar was our destiny. And from this moment on, it’s yours to enjoy!