It’s Worth Every Minute

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There aren’t words that describe the love I have for this boy… Through all the hardtimes and long days of hardwork there are these moments that remind me it’s worth every 80 hour work week, every sleepless night and every meltdown… This boy keeps climbing the ladder up and up…. Go Jax Go!! Mommy loves you and is your biggest cheerleader!! ‪#‎nevergiveup‬ ‪#‎hope‬‪#‎autism‬

It's Worth Every Minute

Rollercoasters and Belly Laughter

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I just had the best day with my son! I am drenched from the water rides I rode multiple times, my hair is wind blown from the many rollercoasters and my belly is aching from all the laughter! Jax picked rides he wanted to go on, laughed so much, and we basically stayed till closing… He even picked a hat and matching socks he wanted! I know everyday won’t always be like this just taking it day by day however, so grateful and I am reminded it’s possible! He works so hard everyday and today I felt like we were just like everyone else (which was so nice)! Tearing up from the gratitude I have in my heart and I will never take anything with Jax for granted. I was told none of this was ever possible by top doctors and I am so glad I didn’t listen and kept believing it was!

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AHA Guest Blogger Elizabeth Rose Chacon – Being a Provider is Awesome

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Last September I read about Autism Movement Therapy® online. The creator, Joanne Lara, MA, claimed that students who started non-verbal became verbal with the movement she used in class.  What?!  I had to find out more and to see if this was a real thing.  I went to her class in Van Nuys and saw a dance room filled with kids and their parents. I danced with them and was surprised to find the class challenging, even for a “typical” kid, and the kids were having a great time.  After the class parents told me that they could have play dates now with other kids from the class.

I signed up that week for Joanne’s next Certification Workshop.  That was in October of last year.  My family relocated from the San Fernando Valley (desert) to Huntington Beach, CA.  It is much prettier, cooler, and more fun here. But I still think air conditioning is a good idea.

My teaching career goes back further than I like to admit.  After I married (1992) I stopped teaching on a regular basis.  Now I’m teaching again and I feel like I never really stopped. My students now are on or off the autism spectrum, some have had a dual diagnosis of Down’s Syndrome, but all are wonderful, a lot of fun, a challenge, and I LOVE WHAT I DO!!

I have found my passion again, that’s my first blog.  Have a good day!

Random Act of Kindness

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So I stopped at a cafe tonight for dinner as I was out doing errands. I ordered Gluten Free/Dairy Free spaghetti (which was delicious) and a glass of wine and worked on emails as I sat waiting. As I was eating the waitress came to me and said your bill has been taken care of. I said,”what” and she said a gentleman who has already left said that woman looks too nice to be eating alone and paid my bill. This is the 3rd time this year this has happened and I am floored! It has never happen prior to me this year… It always happens when I have had a pretty tough day… And I never see who does it. Thank you to whomever was so sweet to demonstrate a random act of kindness… It made my day. Literally brought tears to my eyes as life isn’t always easy. I had not one single conversation w anyone at the cafe so I have to believe the world just gave me a gift and it lifted my spirits greatly!  ‪#‎grateful  ‬‪#‎onepersoncanmakeadifference‬


I Can Sing Too!

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Get ready to cry… Tears flowing big time. Watch this 2 min clip… This girl’s parents at 5 was told she would never talk… This is the first time they are ever hearing her sing!! Omg it’s the most beautiful thing I have heard!! We can’t give up on our kids!! Their special talents are just waiting to be found.. ‪#‎nevergiveup‬

Click The Photo To Watch The Video:

I Can Sing Too!

It’s Bowling Time!

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It's Bowling Time!

So this may seem small to some people… But this is huge to me!! I got to experience for the first time in Jax’s 13 years him bowling (granted this is like miniature bowling). However… He listened to instruction and did it! He was so proud of himself and I am beyond proud!!! Was so cool to see him wait and watch the pins go down and get excited! Who knew Knott’s had this in the arcade?! Wasn’t that long ago I couldn’t take him in an arcade! Go Jax Go!! I can’t wait to try a real bowling alley now!! ‪#‎lovethisboy‬ ‪#‎beyondproud‬‪#‎nevergiveup‬


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So grateful for Christopher Hayward! Jax had 15 viles to be drawn! In the past this would have been a nightmare! Christopher knows how to draw blood like I have never seen! It is quite amazing and truly feels like the greatest gift to have found him! In the past Jax’s veins never could be found and this type of draw would have brought tears and just total frustration to all involved. Today it was 1,2,3… Done…#autism#nevergiveup #hope #grateful


Enjoy Those Moments of Connection

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To some this might just look like some toys laying on the floor… However, to me it’s soooo much more. Last night as I sat on the floor w Jax playing we built these. He said he wanted to build a house first.. Then requested windows and a door…. Look closely and use imagination you will see it… Next I said let’s make a boat and then showed him a pic of a sailboat and can you spot it?? Then he grabbed the wheels out and said “car”….My heart melted and I held my breath at this point…Lastly, I took the people and said, “Who are these people?” He replied, “Daddy, Mommy, Boy, Girl.” I asked him to show me who each one was and he did. Btw he wanted them to stand on grass… Then came the dog and he called it our old dog’s name which was Duchess… I don’t know why there is a chicken in this set but we used that too and I reminded him Chickens lay eggs we eat… (He loves eggs!) He smiled hugely!

Now this may not seem like a big deal to many but this is the first time ever I have got to do this w Jax… He has never had an interest to play w this toy… He then took the car and drove it around saying, “vroom.”

Moments of connection w our kids remind me of my Gramma when she had dementia… There were some moments that she was connected and you never knew if and when you would get that connection again… The difference is I know w Jax we will! I savor every second and cherish it all as I get to experience the simple joys of childhood with him…. He was so clear and connected last night… I know I will have days ahead it won’t be that way but these nights reinforce our kiddos are highly capable and to never give up… If we can get the connection even once it’s there.. We just have to keep on tapping it….

Best Ortho and Team!!

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Best ortho and team ever!! Today Jax had to get the temp bracket removed on that front tooth and a real bracket put on…New wires, new bands… Loud drill to remove glue and fitted for headgear… It took a team of us to cheer him on as he was scared… But he did it!! Hardest part over now! Grateful for Jax’s dad and entire team! Love this kiddo!!! We face his fears together!! ‪#‎proudofmykiddo‬ ‪#‎gratefulforortho‬ ‪#‎facefearstogether‬ ‪#‎nevergiveup‬



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