Guess who can finally swallow pills and capsules??!!

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To my autism families you will totally understand how happy and awesome this is!!!!

Guess who can finally swallow pills and capsules??!!
After 11 plus years of opening up enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, crushing stuff, mixing stuff.. And the list goes on… This kid is a champ!!!

We still be opening and mixing some things as I don’t want all those capsules in him however I am just smiling from ear to ear…
You want to know how he did it???

His dad showed him once!!! No joke I have been trying for years and his dad showed him once and the kid says, “ok” and did it!!!


Guess who can finally swallow pills and capsules!!

Looking for a Kid-Friendly Meal to make that is sure to put a smile on your kiddos face?

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Organic Steamed Carrots

AppleGate Sausage Links

Organic Applesauce

Kiwi-Strawberry Drink

Looking for a Kid-Friendly Meal to make

It’s simple go to your closest natural foods market and pick one of the many selections of GFCFSF & corn free pastas. Boil it like any other pasta. Drain and rinse. Then put back in the pot and put a little coconut milk (or your whatever dairy free version milk you use) and sprinkle some Daiya cheese (I promise this stuff tastes like the real deal and is delicious) and heat until melted. Steam some baby carrots and cut, add some Melt butter (yummy) and sprinkle some salt and pepper on both the pasta and carrots. Ifyou have a toaster oven (that’s what I use) heat up some AppleGate Farms sausage links. Open a jar of organic applesauce and add the your plate and lastly pour some Penta Water and mix in Barlean’s Kiwi Strawberry Superfruit Greens… This will be a meal that is easy to make and one that your kiddo will say, “Thanks Mom.”


PS. Don’t forget the Digestive Enzyme. We love Digest Spectrum by Enzymedica.

Autism Awareness Month

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In April we had 1 mission and that was to bring awareness to many different groups to recognize Autism Awareness Month. We started on April 2, which is World Autism Day in Detroit, Michigan providing tools and techniques to the Delta Airlines Staff. We provided suggestions for their staff to make it easier and more comfortable for our families to travel.

Later in the month we headed to NY to do a lecture to families and gave away thousands of dollars in free products from our Partners and Affiliates.

After that we headed to Washington DC to speak at the American University to college students. We educated them on how important our cause is.

Lastly, we ended up in Paradise, PA doing a lecture in the Amish Community. We helped introduce them to new foods, supplements and options for their families that are dealing with food allergies, ADHD and Autism.



Cooking GFCF

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So often I get asked how do I cook GFCF and then I am told that no way would their kid switch over…I always try to explain it’s really not that hard these days. Jax and I eat breakfast in the morning as it’s our time together. Eating the same thing as your kiddo I also believe helps them feel no different than others as it’s a great bonding time. Today was simple but yummy. These are the same foods I grew up with except no gluten or dairy..who didn’t eat scrambled eggs w cheese, bacon and yogurt?


The Big 13!

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As my son is less than 2 weeks away from turning 13 years old it starts to pull on my heartstrings a bit. I remember at 13 I started to like boys and makeup and all sorts of teenage stuff… I don’t get to experience what I had dreamed about yet w Jax in the same ways. I know to continue to have faith and just keep climbing the ladder as he has come so far and we are reaching new dreams together. I have stopped questioning years ago the “why” and have learned to appreciate the “now.” As his mommy though I just hope and pray he gets the opportunities and chances many of us had. My heart is filled w so much love for him and I so wish I could just make all safe and perfect for him but I know that is out of my control and I can only do my best. He is my boy and I am so proud of him always…. ‪#‎mamaslove‬‪#‎nevergiveup‬‪#‎autism‬‪#‎hope

Vaccine Debate

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 So I try my best to stay out of the vaccine debate war as I truly can’t stand it…. However today made me soooo sad to see Autism Speaks take a stand in favor of.. In my lectures I often ask, “how many have ever purchased a one size fits all tshirt” the crowd raises their hands.. I then ask,”how many does the tshirt not fit?” All raise their hands….

I am not against vaccines however I am for educating yourself and spreading them out and not getting all of them as I think we have too many…
You may wonder why I feel this way…
My son was born 11lbs1oz 24 1/2 inches long (yes you read that right) and came into this world a healthy beautiful baby boy.. I lost 3 babies before this miracle was placed into my arms and I struggled carrying him. I knew he would most likely be my only child.
He crawled on time, spoke first words at 9 months of age, walked at 11 months and was beginning first steps towards potty training at 14 months even. The kid was smart! Loved books, people and had the best smile and was full of life. Gave high fives to all, blew kisses, danced and laughed the biggest belly laughs. I called him Mr Personality! Then at around 15 months we took him in to get his vaccines and he had 7 shots (4 in one leg 3 in another) they were combo shots so technically there were 11 in total. His leg swelled up like a golf ball and he started limping a couple hours later by night he couldn’t walk anymore. I emergency called the doctor and she said bring him into office first thing in morning. We did and her face looked scared. She brought him to an orthopedic surgeon across the way who did leg motor tests on him… They determined he had fluid in his hip and was having a negative reaction to his vaccines. They gave us an antibiotic. Jax within hours of taking antibiotic broke out from head to toe in eczema and I was told to put cream on it. What I would discover years later was I was adding more toxins into his body and pushing the toxins back in…
22 days Jax couldn’t walk and suddenly he started jumping up and down in his crib.. Doctors couldn’t explain.. That nxt week to follow I noticed my beautiful son no longer could look at me, couldn’t say one word and appeared completely gone… Because of his age no one wanted to believe me that I thought this was autism. It took 3 evaluations and me putting him in speech classes and a year to go by before we finally got the diagnoses of Autism. All I know was I had a healthy talkative child and then I didn’t. He would be nearly 5.5-6 before I heard him say real words again… I again am not against vaccines however, I think it’s irresponsible for Autism Speaks to take a stand like this as they DON’T speak for me. We are all different and have different immune systems. To say you are 100% for something that clearly is not safe for all is not fair. How about create different standards? To say ” it’s good for the majority”is also not fair to kiddos like my son who sadly that day was not in the majority. I don’t know what causes Autism I wish I did… I do see things that can trigger negative things in some of our kiddos and to me the motto should be “no man should be left behind” so we need better standards so ALL kiddos are safe… The focus shouldn’t be “for or against” it should be “how do we make it safe for all.” ‪#‎autismspeaksdoesnotspeakforme‬

Giving Back!

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For all of my SonRise friends on my page… I read this and thought of often we all did/or do this for our kiddos when in a playroom.. What a great example of “joining” this child’s world/moment. This melted my heart. As many of you know we spent thousands and thousands of hours joining Jaxson in his world. There are definite memories I have of how it calmed him or brought joy to him during that time… We don’t do that in the same way anymore as he plays w us in our world mostly. However, so happy for this little man and how our instincts take over which apparently is what happened w Maroon 5 in this story… Good job Maroon 5 for being there for this kid in a big way!!!



Never Give Up

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So I get in the shower and forget my towel so I yell to my son, “sweetheart grab mommy a towel please” he comes in the bathroom and puts something on the counter and leaves.. I look out from the curtain and it’s a handtowel.. I laugh and say, “hey buddy can I have a bigger towel?” I hear him come in again and leave something, I look and it’s a kid size scooby doo towel…I smile as I realize I just asked my limited verbal son who couldn’t talk not that long ago to help me and he did!!! My heart is full of joy… Go Jax Go!!‪#‎autism‬‪#‎nevergiveup‬‪#‎hope‬


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