Kristin’s Story

I remember like it was yesterday as I heard the words, “ Your son has autism.” My body went numb as they continued to say, “Your son will never talk, never look, never have any friends and be in a group home by the time he is 8 years old.” At that moment my life would never be the same…

All of my hopes and dreams I had were being taken away. I sunk into a deep depression for a few weeks and then one day seeing my beautiful baby boy who was just 2.5 years old run into my room with his ear to ear smile and his innocent way about him, I knew I had to stop feeling sorry for us and get up and do something. I went immediately on the computer and began researching and reading that others were also not giving up and that there children were starting to talk, read, write and had friends! I decided at that moment if they could do it, so could we! Today, Jaxson is 14 years old and is talking more, learning to read, write and is an overall happy child. He is doing better everyday. We aren’t going down without a fight and these last 10 years have been a great journey for both of us. Today I sit as President/Chairman of the Autism Hope Alliance and I not only get to help my son reach for the stars but, I get to help others reach their greatest potential too! My dream is to watch my son graduate from college, to dance at his wedding one day and watch him become the man I know he is destined to be.

“This is not just a job for me, this is my life’s work” – Kristin Selby Gonzalez