Piano Wizard Academy is an amazingly simple and fun music video game system has received countless accolades and awards for its role in the transformation of musical education. However, the most powerful and inspiring success is Jed’s story. Jed was born with severe mental challenges, possibly on the autistic spectrum, leaving him unable to reach basic development milestones.  He did not even learn to walk until he was four, and at age seven, Jed could not even ask for a glass of water. His family was watching over him around the clock since his condition left him unable to do simple tasks for himself. However, with a basic recognition of colors, he somehow took to the Piano Wizard game and through that was able to not only learn how to play the piano, but has shown significant improvement in comprehension and language, including the ability to do basic math, solve puzzles, and converse. Jed shows dramatic process since learning to play the piano and is now enrolled in school, with high hopes for the future. Learning to play the piano profoundly affected Jed’s life and it is stories like his that have inspired the Piano Wizard team to bring their music learning system to the world.