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  • Event: 2 Minute Tips for Autism – 2013
  • Media: Video Interview
  • Host: Kristin S Gonzalez
  • Guest: Dr. Dan Rossignol
  • Theme: Autism and Anesthesia
  • YouTube:

Kristin: Hi guys and welcome to 2 Minute Tips For Autism. Well we have a special guest Dr. Dan Rossignol. You’re one of my favorite doctors…He treats Jackson and so I am super jazzed that he is here this month to talk to you guys about two minute tips.

Our first questions we got is many parents report regression after anesthesia. Do you have any tips on when different parents have to put their kids under?

Dr. Dan Rossignol: There are certain anesthetic medications that have potential side effects. Some of those side effects include impairing the function of the mitochondria…

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Autism and Anesthesia – Dr Dan Rossignol (M.A.P.S. Doctor – 2 Minute Tip)

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