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The Autism Hope Alliance partners with Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Punta Gorda, FL. August 28th, 2016  The Autism Hope Alliance (AHA) has been working tirelessly toeducate the public on the effect Autism is having on the families and society we live in.

In line with the mission to educate as well as give assistance to those affected, AHA is proud to have partnered with Dr. Andy Wakefield for a special release of the film Vaxxed. On September 1st through the 13th AHA will be premiering the film from their website

This is one of the initiatives that AHA is bringing to the public. Dr. Andrew Wakefields comments  am pleased to be working along with the Autism Hope Alliance in a special release of thefilm Vaxxed.

The Autism Hope Alliance (AHA) has been established to assist families that are affected byAutism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). This non-profit organization continues to look for avenues to educate and empower families affected by ASD. AHA is pleased to be partnering with the VAXXED team to distribute the digital version through their network in the Autism community and the Natural Foods Industry.

This effort will help make the movie available to individuals who cannot get out to see it. Along with making the movie more accessible, AHA will be providing resources that assist these families to help improve the lives of children and caregivers affected by Autism.

About AHA

The Autism Hope Alliance (AHA) embodies hope for families facing the diagnosis of Autism through education, financial support and volunteerism. It is the first non-profit foundation for Autism to Spring from the natural foods industry.

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