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Introducing an easier way for your child to get their blood drawn!

Meet Christopher Hayward, Certified Phlebotomist Game changer for our kiddos 04-lpro1024qhprcvf-1

AHA   Lets start out by explaining to those what is a phlebotomist  ?

CH   A phlebotomist is the person who draws the blood.

AHA Is there a difference between what you do and someone in a blooddraw lab does?

CH No, there is no difference other than I will draw the blood from a patient in the comfort of their own home which results in a calmer more comfortable approach.

AHA We know many of our families agonize over getting bloodwork done because often our kiddos have a difficult time.  You seem to be able to work with our families with such ease. If the patient needs more time to feel comfortable is that an issue for you?

CH  Not at all, I will take as much time as needed and have done that many times.  Luckily, I am a good stick and will usually get the blood drawn on the first try.

AHA Can you explain what a mobile phlebotomist is?

CH   A mobile phlebotomist draws blood from a patient according to what was ordered by a physician in the comfort of a patients own home or work.  Once it is drawn, I will spin the blood down, if needed, and then take it to the lab or mail the test if it involves a specialty test or kit.

AHA What motivated you to want to become a mobile phlebotomist?

CH I saw a need, especially with special needs children and children with seizures who need their blood drawn prior to taking a morning dose of medication but labs are typically not open this early in the morning.


AHA  Can you explain the steps that happen once you arrive to paint a better picture to those reading this?

CH  I am usually contacted by the parents or patient themselves.  We will schedule a time that is most convenient for both of us, taking into account fasting and non-fasting lab orders.  Once I arrive, I will assess the situation, sometimes this involves discussing it with the parents, other times I will discuss things with the child. Many times, they are in an area of the home that is comfortable to them, often watching TV or using an iPad or tablet. I will answer any questions that parents or kids may have, often the kids ask “will it hurt. I will need to feel the veins and use a tourniquet on the arm.  A small butterfly needle is used to get the blood.  I have learned to change the tubes quickly as I am drawing and often the entire procedure is done before the child realizes.

AHA   Do patients need any special paperwork in order to have you come to their home?

CH   Just a lab order is needed from their doctor.

AHA   Most kids have crazy schedules, do you accommodate and work around that to schedule a time that is convenient?

CH   Yes, of course.  I will come to the home before the kids go to school or after they return. I often will see patients on the weekend as well so that I do not interfere with their school schedule.

AHA  You are located in Southern California. What cities do you travel to?

CH  As far north as Santa Barbara, east to the inland empire and south to San Diego, including all cities in between.

AHA  What is the typical cost for you to go to the home?

CH   It depends on where the patient is located but local blood draws are $40 – $60.

AHA   Do you only work with children with special needs or can the whole family utilize you, as we dont know anyone who likes going to a lab?

CH   I am more than happy to draw the entire family.

AHA   If someone doesnt live in the Southern California area, how do they find someone like you in their area?

CH  You can try to Google mobile phlebotomist.

I started drawing blood at the age of 11 years old.  At that time, I worked at a vet office and started drawing blood on animals in a small town in East Texas.  I also would draw my brothers blood as16-lpro1024qhprcvf-13 he had hemochromatosis and needed to have blood drawn as he had too much iron in his blood.  My brother was a lab technician and he taught me how to draw his blood.  Over the years, I developed my skills.  I have worked at MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston, Methodist Hospital in Houston, Mission Hospital in Orange County (including trauma), Red Cross donor center and various local labs.  Approximately 15 years ago, I helped start a company performing mobile phlebotomy.  Five years ago, I started my own business called OC Home Phlebotomy which has continued to grow thanks to word of mouth and great organizations such as Autism Hope Alliance believing in me.

Christopher Hayward, ASCP, CPT1

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