Being a Provider is Awesome

Last September I read about Autism Movement Therapy® online. The creator, Joanne Lara, MA, claimed that students who started non-verbal became verbal with the movement she used in class.  What?!  I had to find out more and to see if this was a real thing. I went to her class in Van Nuys and saw a dance room filled with kids and their parents. I danced with them and was surprised to find the class challenging, even for a “typical” kid, and the kids were having a great time. After the class parents told me that they could have play dates now with other kids from the class.

I signed up that week for Joanne’s next Certification Workshop.  That was in October of last year. My family relocated from the San Fernando Valley (desert) to Huntington Beach, CA. It is much prettier, cooler, and more fun here. But I still think air conditioning is a good idea.

My teaching career goes back further than I like to admit. After I married (1992) I stopped teaching on a regular basis.  Now I’m teaching again and I feel like I never really stopped. My students now are on or off the autism spectrum, some have had a dual diagnosis of Down’s Syndrome, but all are wonderful, a lot of fun, a challenge, and I LOVE WHAT I DO!!

I have found my passion again, that’s my first blog.  Have a good day!

Elizabeth Rose Chacon
Autism Hope Alliance Guest Blogger

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