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  • Event: M.A.P.S. Doctors
  • Media: Video Interview
  • Host: Kristin S Gonzalez
  • Guest: Dr.’s Jason & Melissa Sonners (M.A.P.S Doctors)
  • Theme: Autism and Chiropractic Care
  • YouTube:

Kristin: Is our next guess I wanted to talk to you guys about first of all you know So I’m excited to introduce our next Guest. We have two amazing doctors here,  we’re going to be talking about A topic that I don’t think we talked enough about.

Welcome Dr. Sonners and Dr. Sonners

Dr. Melissa Sonners: Thank You!

Dr.’s Jason Sonners: Thank you. Thanks for having us.

Kristin: Before we get started I wanted to talk to you guys about, you know, first of all, You know, what Exactly do you do when your practice? And where is your practice located at?

Dr. Melissa Sonners: Yup!

Dr.’s Jason Sonners: Our office is Core Therapies. We practice in New Jersey, Florham Park NJ. Is our website. We have, mostly chiropractors, eight different chiropractors. We all specialize of different aspects of chiropractics.  So we have a few that do functional medicine, functional neurologist, we do pediatrics, prenatal, postpartum, sports injuries also.

We treat lots of families a pretty broad range of conditions as well. Of course children on the spectrum Is a big part of that as well.

Kristin: And so often sometimes you don’t think when you get a child with a diagnosis of Autism. Your first thought isn’t Chiropractic Care. Can you talk a little bit about why that’s so important for us Incorporate that into our therapy methods.

Dr.’s Jason Sonners: Sure.

Dr. Melissa Sonners: I think one main thing that we take from the chiropractic philosophy is we are not changing these people. We really believe that your body was designed and born to be healthy And sometimes there’s interference that affects that.

Our job is to peel back these layers, whether it be through Craniosacral, Or through Detoxification, Or through Chiropractic, or through Hyperbaric Oxygen. To get to the core that is your child, But we’re not changing anything and I think that’s what’s really neat.

Kristin: That’s beautiful! I know we do, you do, way Beyond Chiropractic.

– (Dr. Melissa Sonners: Yup.) –

Kristin: right so can we talk a little bit about that as well?  Because Chiropractic involves many different layers as well, Correct?

Dr.’s Jason Sonners:  Correct.

Dr. Melissa Sonners: Correct!


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Autism and Chiropractic Care – Dr.’s Jason & Melissa Sonners (M.A.P.S Doctors)

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