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  • Event: M.A.P.S. Doctor
  • Media: Video Interview
  • Host: Kristin S Gonzalez
  • Guest:   Dr. David Dornfeld
  • Theme: Autism & Chelation Therapy
  • YouTube:

Kristin: I am really excited to introduce our next guest today Doctor David Dornfeld.  I have known you for years you have helped thousands of families and just been an inspiration to so many so.

Thank you for being here today!

Dr. David Dornfeld:Thank you for inviting me and I try real hard to help people.

Kristin: We are very very fortunate to have you on our side as one of the great doctors out there. Can you tell a little bit about what you do in your practice, where your practice is located?
Dr. David Dornfeld: I’ve been in practice for 33 years now in Middletown New Jersey. I saw, I’m a primary care doctor so I got involved with learning about how the environment plays a role in people’s health.  I think the environmental changes we have around around us really need to be taking in to great effect that we are avoiding. We have “Genes load the gun, environment pulls the trigger.” We always talk about and that’s really how we get to the bottom and taking care of people. If you have multiple sclerosis patients that have a bit environmental exposures and their multiple sclerosis becomes larger. When taking care of our lovely kids and then autistic spectrum world the same situation exists. If you look at the therapies that are available enhancing detoxification seems to be the best therapy once we’ve done other things like balance their diet and immune system and supplements and gut microbiome control…

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Autism & Chelation Therapy – M.A.P.S. Doctor David Dornfeld

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