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  • Event: Choose Hope 2015
  • Media: Video Interview
  • Host: Kristin S Gonzalez
  • Guests: Nadia Osorio Diego, Rhyan Soto-Motto, Leo & Nancy Byrne
  • Theme: Choose Hope, Once You Choose Hope Anything’s Possible
  • YouTube:

Nadia Osorio Diego: He was diagnosed September 2011. I felt like I was dying I cried non-stop for three days.

Rhyan Soto-Motto: Julius was diagnosed April 7, 2010. We were crushed. We were so sad and it
didn’t really have a direction to go in

Leo & Nancy Byrne: We were told that Declan had autism on April 24, 2008. You’re a little bit in denial at first but, once you accept it
you gotta just move forward and do everything you can to help him and our family.

Nadia Osorio Diego: At diagnosis he had minimal language. He had a lot of tantrums.

Rhyan Soto-Motto: At diagnosis Julius was nonverbal, he was self-injurious. He didn’t want to play with anybody. He sat in the corner and spun car wheels, didn’t play with his toys appropriately.

Leo & Nancy Byrne: He was nonverbal, had no language whatsoever. He had lost it. He would hand flap, drag his hand on
Walls (Stimming). He was sensory seeking. So, unless it was family people most people didn’t know unless he would really start to engage or if he had a temper tantrum.

Nadia Osorio Diego: The message that I would give the parents have just got the diagnosis would be not to give up on their child.

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Choose Hope – A Few Family Experiences

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