So as I am getting ready to start my first of a handful of classes I need to take to learn how to keep my son safe as he becomes an Adult in the next 1.5 years, my heart is heavy. I prayed and asked God to calm my heart as I am fighting back the tears. I never ever wanted to learn about this and I don’t think any parent should have to. I am wiping the tears and keeping my head up, as my son is counting on me to be strong. Never when I was pregnant did I ever read anything about this in the baby books. I don’t know why some people get so blessed with children that are so healthy and others we have to hold on to every victory and fight for everything to make sure our children get the best. I feel numb and sad today. However, I will never give up and I will always get back up and fight… I love you Jaxson. #nevergiveup #autism #hope