Dear Autism,

Today you are winning… but I won’t give up. I know my son is in there. I truly hate yeast and Clostridia. The tears today are more than I can handle and I put it up to God. It just seems so unfair. Autism doesn’t care if you did all you could right in your life… no one should have to watch their children go through this. If you write to me today to tell me Autism is beautiful (I assure you today is not the day to talk to me then). You can come and hear my son so upset and then tell me it’s so beautiful.

I pray the meds that are supposed to kill the bad bacteria work.

I will wipe my tears and keep going…

The bad guys (in this case bacteria) won’t win.
White hats always win in the end! I keep telling myself that.

A determined mother #autism #hope #nevergiveup #frontlines

Photo by Lance Neilson

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