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Enjoy Those Moments of Connection

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b2ap3_thumbnail_Lego-PhotoTo some this might just look like some toys laying on the floor… However, to me it’s soooo much more. Last night as I sat on the floor w Jax playing we built these. He said he wanted to build a house first.. Then requested windows and a door…. Look closely and use imagination you will see it… Next I said let’s make a boat and then showed him a pic of a sailboat and can you spot it?? Then he grabbed the wheels out and said “car”….My heart melted and I held my breath at this point…Lastly, I took the people and said, “Who are these people?” He replied, “Daddy, Mommy, Boy, Girl.” I asked him to show me who each one was and he did. Btw he wanted them to stand on grass… Then came the dog and he called it our old dog’s name which was Duchess… I don’t know why there is a chicken in this set but we used that too and I reminded him Chickens lay eggs we eat… (He loves eggs!) He smiled hugely!

Now this may not seem like a big deal to many but this is the first time ever I have got to do this w Jax… He has never had an interest to play w this toy… He then took the car and drove it around saying, “vroom.”

Moments of connection with our kids remind me of my Gramma when she had dementia… There were some moments that she was connected and you never knew if and when you would get that connection again… The difference is I know w Jax we will! I savor every second and cherish it all as I get to experience the simple joys of childhood with him…. He was so clear and connected last night… I know I will have days ahead it won’t be that way but these nights reinforce our kiddos are highly capable and to never give up… If we can get the connection even once it’s there.. We just have to keep on tapping it….

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