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  • Event: M.A.P.S Doctor
  • Media: Video Interview
  • Host: Kristin S Gonzalez
  • Guest:  Dr. Richard Frye
  • Theme: Mitochondria Dysfunction in Autism
  • YouTube:

Kristin: We’’re so excited to introduce our next guest Dr. Fry. He has been in the community for more years than I can count. He has helped thousands of families and we are just so honored and privileged to have you here today.

Thank you so much Dr. Fry.

Dr. Richard Frye: thank you so much.

Kristin: Obviously I know your background but those that are watching please tell us what is your background and why are you so passionate to help children.

Dr. Richard Frye: Thanks for inviting thanks for the introduction. My background is in Child Neurology. I did a residency in both pediatrics and neurology and I got very interested and kiddos that had developmental delays and learning disabilities. Actually after my residency did a fellowship in learning disabilities. But what happened is when I went into the clinic families would bring their children with autism because autism was just being more recognized at that time that was kind of the early 2000s.

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Autism & Folate Deficiency – M.A.P.S Doctor Richard Frye

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