Summer is here! We all know what that means: More trips outside and maybe to the beach. While so many families are very health-conscious about what they put in their body, what you’re putting on your body is just as important. Sunscreens, and all skin care products are often loaded with very harmful ingredients. This is when our friends at Beach Organics Skin Care come in.

One of our amazing partners, Beach Organics Skin Care offers an entire line of skin care products the entire family can use with confidence. We decided to ‘Get to Know‘ Beach Organics Skin Care and learn more about why their company is committed to only bringing you the best ingredients from your head to toes!

We checked in with Susan Moore, Beach Organics Skin Care proud founder, to learn more about making the switch to being completely all-natural in your home!

Get to Know Beach Organics Skin Care

AHA: What made you start on your own path to live a completely organic lifestyle?

Susan Moore: About 12 years ago while going through my own health truggles I hired a personal trainer, not only to get myself back into shape but to learn how to be healthier and live a longer healthier life.  Tuning 50, years of working many hours, eating out had taken it’s toll.  During my 2 years with him I was eating organic, taking supplements and working out 5-7 days a week.  One day he said, “If you are not using organic bath and body products you are wasting your time because you are introducing toxic chemicals to your body everyday”.  I was shocked (and a little upset he waited so long to tell me that) and immediately went to the grocery store to buy soap, shampoo and lotions without chemicals. Nothing was available except one brand and they weren’t organic just natural at the time.

AHA:  How did you come to start Beach Organics Skin Care?

Susan: I researched, took classes all over the US and became a member of Soap makers Guild, bought a company in Province Town, Massachusetts, and moved it to Florida. Changed the ingredients from natural to organic and began a mission to help people understand there are 4 things to a better health.

AHA:  Why is following an organic lifestyle important?

Susan: Doing (an organic lifestyle) lets your immune system do what it was designed to do: keep you healthy. If doesn’t have to fight off toxic chemicals everyday in your bath products (automotive fuels, SLS, Talc (related to ovarian cancer) Aluminum (related to Breast Cancer) then your immune system can fight off the invaders, Cancer, Flu, Colds.  You can change your life with food, we all know that. Watch “The Magic Pill” on Netflix it talks about Autism and Keto eating.  There are a lot of answers out there, we just have to find them.  I have committed my company to being one of the answers.

AHA: When some people hear ‘all-natural’ products, they assume it won’t work as well as the conventional stuff. What makes Beach Organics Skin care products one of the best out there?

Susan: Our products are designed for the whole family to use, head to toe we have you covered. One of our finest creations is a certified organic deodorant that lets you sweat out the toxins you ingest every day breathing, touching things. It’s your bodies natural detox system. Essential oils used are naturally antibacterial, anti microbial, you will sweat without odor.

AHA: Some kiddos are sensitive to scents, what should we expect some of your popular items to smell like?

Susan: Partnering with AHA we offer our products in a lime essential oil and also unscented. Our products are lightly scented with essential oils only. We learned through research perfumes can have up to 60 ingredients (that do not have to be disclosed) before you get to the scent. For this reason alone, we say you should never put perfume on your skin, wrist or neck. ONLY spray on your clothing lightly. You do no know what is actually in the perfume or what you are ingesting.

AHA: What advice would you give to a family looking to go completely organic?

Susan:  If you are really committed to being healthy I say “pick your poisons”. Eat healthy, exercise, take good supplements and use organic bath and body. My favorite saying is, “We worry about the Ingredients so you don’t have to”. Certified organic is non GMO. Invest your body, you are worth every penny!

Susan Moore, Beach Organics’ dynamic founder!

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