It’s time to “Get to Know” once again! With Get to Know, our goal is to introduce you to our amazing partners helping make possible all that AHA does. Today, we get to know our friends at Cauldron Bone Broths. At Cauldron Bone Broths, they’re making some of the best quality bone broth on the market.

Northwest Chef, Gabriel Claycamp, created Cauldron Broths in an effort to utilize the whole animal and to bring great flavors back to a culinary staple. He was frustrated by the lack of flavor and nutrients on the market and set out to develop a better quality product.

Together with Angela Pifer, a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Cauldron brings incredible flavor together with nutritionally dense broths to not only provide the protein today’s foodie craves, but to heal the gut and treat a variety of symptoms.

If you have wondered what all this talk of bone broth is and why it’s said to be such a great addition to your diet, read on as we speak with Assistant HACCP Coordinator, McKinnon Dargan.

Get to Know: Cauldron Bone Broths

Autism Hope Alliance: When and how was Cauldron founded?

McKinnon: Cauldron was founded in 2016 when founder and Head Pot Jockey, Chef Gabriel started Cauldron Broths because he felt deep rooted responsibility to use the whole animal. Gabe helped to launch Jack Mountain Meats; which is a meat processing facility with a nose to tail philosophy. When Jack Mountain decided they wouldn’t be using the bones, Gabriel knew he had to do something. This is when Cauldron Broths was born. Rounding out Cauldron’s team is Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Angela Pifer. She’s had a thriving private practice in clinical nutrition for the past 12 years; specializing in functional gut disorders. For the past four years Angela has focused solely on SIBO (small intestinal bowel overgrowth). Known as the “SIBO Guru,” she co-created GutRx Bone Broths, an innovative line of healing bone broths with Cauldron Broths, to help clients heal their gut.

AHA: What’s the difference from broth and bone broth?

McKinnon: Bone broth is a stock made by simmering bones for 24 to 48 hours, thereby drawing out the most protein (healing collagen) from the bones. Stock is similar but has less protein and mouthfeel in the recipe or end product. Cauldron Broths takes a traditional process of slow simmering of bones and trimmings and modernizes it with pressure kettles for less time to get the maximum nutrition and vibrant flavor out of each pot. This yields a clearer, brighter tasting product with more of the life giving nutrients than any other brand on the grocery market.

Rustic Chicken Soup

AHA: What are some benefits of adding bone broth to your diet?

McKinnon: Bone broth is made by gently simmering bones, which draws out healing collagen protein, trace minerals and electrolytes. Like a healing balm for your belly, our bone broths help to heal the gut lining, lowers inflammation and supports joint health. A healthy, easily digestible option for available protein, rich nutrients and amino acids proline and glycine that are easy to absorb.

AHA: Kiddos can be picky. What’s a good family recipe that includes your bone broth?

McKinnon: You can find recipes on the Our Kitchen page of our website:
My favorite kid friendly recipe is the Rustic Chicken Soup!

AHA: Do you make anything suitable for anyone following a meat-free diet?

McKinnon: We currently have an Organic Vegetable broth for those following a meat-free diet.

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