Greetings from all of us at Autism Hope Alliance! Can you believe we are almost done with March? It’s been such a fantastic month for AHA. We had an incredible time in Anaheim, California for Natural Products Expo (Expo West). We got to see some of our amazing partners, meet new ones and mingle during our annual Expo West mixer. During our soiree, we got to share with our community our accomplishments as well as where we are going.

One of our newest ventures? Our Get to Know blog series. As you know, we talk a lot about our partners. We love them and are so thankful for each and every one. What can we say! Today, we are back with our newest installment in Get to Know and would like to introduce you to Penta Water.

As we are learning, all water is not created equal. When you are working with a kiddo with Autism, or any Special Needs, proper hydration is crucial. This is why we love Penta. Penta is committed to providing the best H2O and bottled water out there. We checked in with Stephanie Sidwell from Penta Water to learn more about their water and what makes it one of the best waters on the market.

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Penta Water

Get to Know: Penta Water

AHA: Where is your water sourced?


Stephanie: Penta is sourced from a natural aquifer in California. Rain and snow percolate down high mountain peaks and this water collects underground beneath a protective seal of solid rock and clay until we bring it to the surface for bottling. We make every effort to preserve the waters natural qualities before purification and pull thousands of water samples annually at our source to ensure optimum quality from the start.


AHA: Isn’t bottled water all the same?


Stephanie: Penta is truly the definition of ultra-pure bottled water because of our science. Our U.S. patented, 13-step purification process meticulously filters every drop of water over the course of 11 hours to remove more harmful pollution and impurities than any other bottled water on the market.


AHA: Are the plastic bottles safe that are used for Penta?


Stephanie: Pentas bottle is made from high-grade PET plastic approved by the FDA for beverages that is BPA/BPS-free, color-free and 100% recyclable.


AHA: What’s the difference from water and alkaline water?


Stephanie: Penta water has a naturally occurring pH meaning we never add pH altering chemicals or additives to our water.


Penta Water – Learn More

Visit Penta Water HERE as well as on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Get to Know Autism Hope Alliance Partner Penta Water


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