It’s that time again! Time to “Get to Know” another amazing partner of ours!

Ultima Replenisher + Autism Hope Alliance

When and why was Ultima founded?
We were founded by a passionate nutritionist/long distance runner who created Ultima for the United States Track & Field distance athletes participating in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. At the time there were very few options for electrolyte replacement and most of them were full of sugar and artificial ingredients. We wanted something better for ourselves that we could feel good about drinking. So Ultima was born!

Why are electrolytes so important?
Electrolytes are minerals that carry an electrical charge. They have an impact on how your muscles function, how alkaline your blood is, and how much water you have in your body. They are key components in many bodily functions and as an athlete, fitness enthusiast, or even if you are gardening on a hot day, it is critically important to make sure you have an adequate supply of them in your body for optimum performance. Cramping is a sign that your body is already dangerously low on electrolytes. Many athletes suffer from leg cramps but it’s also common for older people to get leg cramps at night. Kids are especially prone to dehydration because their bodies don’t regulate temperature the same way an adult’s does. And they don’t always remember to drink before, during and after being active and can find themselves feeling light headed, dizzy or lethargic from dehydration. It’s important to make sure your body has a readily available supply of electrolytes so it can perform at its best, which is why it is best to consume electrolytes in a consistent manner so you go into your workout, training session or even your day to day activities, adequately hydrated.

Kids can be picky with flavors. What makes Ultima flavors different than other powder sticks on the market?

Kids love to try all the flavors we have available. Lemonade is a HUGE favorite among kids of all ages. Grape and Raspberry are a close second.

What are some of the top favorite flavors? Our top flavors are Lemonade, Raspberry and Cherry Pomegranate.

Can Ultima powder be used in recipes?

Ultima can be used in all kinds of recipes and smoothies. We love making Ultima ice pops, creamsicles, gummy bears, fruit smoothies, jello, and iced-tea combos. You can also use it in any recipe that calls for a sweetener like Stevia. Replace it with a scoop of Ultima and you get the added benefits of all 6 electrolytes, fruit flavors along with the sweetness of our organic stevia leaf extract.