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  • Event: Autism Approved With Kristen Sylvie Gonzalez 2011
  • Media: Video Interview
  • Host: Kristin S Gonzalez
  • Guest: James Neubrander – (M.A.P.S. Doctor)
  • Theme: Autism Approved: James Neubrander – Part 1
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That was me and then I realized I was the person with the problem. The kid broke my heart I mean, he didn’t break my heart, he changed my life. ~Dr. James Neubrander

Intro: Welcome to Autism Approved brought to you by Enzymedica. Now here’s your host Kristin Selby Gonzalez.

Kristin: Hi, I am Kristin Selby Gonzalez and you are watching Autism Approved. One and 91 children are being diagnosed between the ages of 3 and 17 that’s one at a 58 boys. (DCD April 26, 2018 Updated: 1 in 59 eight -year-old children.)

Kristin: We knew it was more important than ever to bring you a show that offered you hope, resources, and tools. Today I have a very special guest Dr. James Neubrander.
I’m very excited to be here with you and talk about some of the things and wonderful work you’re doing.

Dr. James Neubrander: It’s good to be here thanks.

Kristen: Well I know you know when I think of top doctors in the world honestly you are one of them when we’re talking about Autism.

Dr. James Neubrander: Thank you.

Kristen: I mean, I hear Neubrander, Neubrander Neubrander. You Google it you’re all over the place.

Dr. James Neubrander: Yup.

Kristin: Can you give me give a background at how you first began on this journey?

Dr. James Neubrander: I was doing a special kind of allergy shot knew nothing about Autism. I didn’t want to know anything about Autism. I had a practice that was set up for normal people. And you know I, there was a special kind of allergy treatment that came from Europe that I started doing. In autism as you probably know that anytime there’s something new everybody jumps on it.

So all of a sudden out of nowhere I had 25 families with children with autism who were coming to me to be helped. I didn’t know anything about it so they come into my office I’d give them this special kind of treatment, but they sort of ruined my office. I have three fish tanks they were these long narrow ones. I have more dead fish in heaven because when I was back in the room doing something, they would be looking and climbing on my fish tank and went on the floor. So I have you know signs in fish heaven you know do not you know you know they don’t like me in fish heaven. So I just never wanted to see another kid with autism in my life. They tore up my office. They, once they ruined a 2,000 dollar piece of equipment running away; and that happened that’s what really changed my life. Because I had was to do a physical exam on this kid. He’s running around, all of a sudden. He tears off the counter this 2,000 dollar piece of equipment, totally broke.

The mothers of course embarrassed and I was nice and I said you know that’s okay and we were talking back and forth the mother. And I look you, know I got the child, I put him on the table and I looked in his eyes. And I all of a sudden knew, that he knew everything I was doing and saying, that we were doing. It literally it broke my heart. I knew then I was the person with the problem. I knew that he couldn’t get out and I my, prejudice, my bias, my looking at the mothers who were in the stores. You know, the kids running around. I was the person who was looking at them like what’s wrong with you. Can’t you know get your kid in order? That was me and then I realized I was the person with the problem. The kid broke my heart I mean, he didn’t break my heart, he changed my life. It’s a single almost all life changing event I had with this and from then on, I knew that I had just had to help him get out. Since then I’ve been able to help many of them get out. And others who don’t get out much further along.

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Interview with James Neubrander – (M.A.P.S. Doctor) – Part 1

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