So being an Autism Mom can often put a lot of worry on your heart… Autism has kicked my butt but I won’t give up… Jax is improving and we are getting the help he needs so I have to remember that being patient is the key… I have had many struggles on this 12 year Autism Journey…. I have realized who my real friends and family are.. I have strengthened my faith in God and everytime I fall down.. I get right back up with His help… I have cried so much these last several weeks that I don’t even recognize my eyes anymore… I feel myself getting more tired and today I decided at this very moment to take a break… Jax is at gymnastics w his dad so I decided to just take a mental break and stop working and doing and just breathe… I don’t know the future… I just know today Jax did great!! I often in my lectures tell parents that they need to put the oxygen mask on themselves first… So I decided to take my own advice today….

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