You want the very best for your child, but as you’re navigating the aisles at the grocery store,
you realize giving your child the best might require a bigger investment than you expected. It’s
an all-too-common experience families on a budget face when shopping–having to choose
between saving money and making healthier choices. But what if you could do both? One
retailer thats committed to helping you break unhealthy habits without breaking the bank is Aldi.

ALDI Doesn’t Break the Bank!

Below are some of the ways Aldi is bucking the high-price-for-health trend by ensuring that
healthier options are not only affordable, but sometimes even cheaper than the conventional
and/or processed alternatives!

Selection of USDA Organic Products

In recent years, Aldi has continued to expand their affordable USDA certified organic offering in
stores. They carry a line of USDA certified organic beef as well as organic produce. There are several benefits to buying organic, like protecting your family from pesticides used on non-organic options.

Earth Grown

Earth Grown is Aldis foray into vegan cuisine, with a wide selection of plant-based burgers.
Rich in fiber and packed with a diverse set of up to 11 different veggies per patty, Earth Grown
is a perfect fit for a dairy-free, Autism-friendly diet. Give their black bean, kale, and quinoa
crunch flavors a try.

Live GFree

Dairy is not the only culprit; gluten has also been linked to poor health consequences. Aldis
LiveGFree line of gluten-free foods encompasses a wide variety of options that include pastas,
baking mixes, and granola bars. That way, you can cut out the gluten without having to cut out
your favorite bread products.


Reducing exposure to toxins is a key component to any health-and-wellness journey, but
nutrition alone wont solve the problem; limiting exposure to toxins in our homes and in our
environment is just as important. Earth Friendly Products®, the maker of ECOS, has spent 50
years perfecting their sustainably produced, plant-powered cleaning products to ensure they are
not only effective, but safer and healthier for families. Plus, for every ECOS product you
purchase at ALDI in Southern California through June 30th, Earth Friendly Products® will donate
$1 to support Autism Hope Alliance.

Locally Grown Produce

Look for Aldis locally grown logo the next time you shop. Buying from local farmers not only
strengthens your local economy, it might also result in healthier produce. Research shows that
fruits and vegetables begin to lose nutrients after they are picked; therefore, less travel time could
mean more nutrient-dense fruits and veggies for your loved ones.

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