Sometimes it’s the smaller things in life that mean the most! So yesterday as I was in my meetings in my office, I heard Jax in his room with his father and his therapist and he sounded quite upset. I couldn’t help him as I was in the middle of the call. So I just prayed silently that he would start to do better. As that call ended and my nxt call was minutes away I ran into see what the issue was. He was crying and was upset. He saw me and smiled briefly. I had a new coloring book with me and gave to him in hopes it might help. It did for a bit. As I jumped on the nxt call I started to hear him again get upset. Again, nothing I could do at the moment but pray. I finished up that call and started the nxt. Luckily, that would be my last scheduled call for the day. As that call wrapped up I headed to his room. He instantly said, “In N Out Fries” which is a treat for him. I looked at the clock knowing therapy was slated for another 2 hours still. So I said in a couple hours. He again said, “In N Out Fries.” So I calculated the time and said ok and told him to use the restroom first and we would go. I looked at the therapist and asked her if she minded taking a car ride with us. She happily agreed. As we got in the car, Jax was very excited. Perhaps he just needed a break like all of us do at times. He selected the music station he wanted to listen to and away we went. In the drive thru line I asked Jax if he wanted a lemonade at Chick-Fil-A which is nxt door to In N Out. He said yes. Again this is a special treat for him and he knows that. So we get the fries and I proceed to drive out of the parking lot forgetting about the lemonade. As I am about to turn to head towards the street Jax says loudly, “Lemonade!” I stop in my tracks realizing I had forgotten but, more importantly so amazed he didn’t and that he vocalized it! I had to back up illegally as another car was approaching fast and I wanted him to know I heard him! I was so happy and just in awe of him! I wanted to shout, “My son just asked for a lemonade! Don’t you know how big a deal that is!” As I handed him the lemonade his smile beamed!15283943_10211015229685719_7730230075601825215_n
I know to some that might not be that big of a deal but to me it was everything! I could actually give my son who never wants for anything something he really wanted and was able to ask for!
I know our kiddos are in there and I will never give up helping unlock that door!
Even writing this brings tears to my eyes as I will never forget that moment ever and every time I see a Chick-fil-A, I will remember that day! I am so glad I got in the car to get him fries, as what a gift he gave me. #lemonade#nevergiveup #autism #chickfila