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  • Event: Autism Hope Summit – 2017
  • Media: Audio Interview
  • Host: Kristin S Gonzalez
  • Guest:  John Gray
  • Theme: Natural Autism Strategies & Tips for Couples
  • YouTube:

Kristin: I would like to introduce John Gray, today we’re going to be talking about everything from natural autism strategies to how to keep the romance alive for parents. Many of you guys might know John Gray who is the author of the most well known and trusted relationship book of all time –  Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus.

Welcome John, how are you.

John Gray: Oh so a real pleasure to be talking to you and I’ve got a lot of people are wondering how does lasting romance, what does it have to do with autism? Well from one perspective anything, any autism has to do with the brain and relationships have to do with the brain. When we can have optimal brain function we can make plenty of dopamine and serotonin and GABA and we can experience motivation and happiness as well as optimism.

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Natural Autism Strategies & Tips for Couples – John Gray (Author)

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