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Our Kiddos Are In There

I remember the doctor telling me that my son did not know the difference between me and the chair I was sitting on; I remember not believing that. I always knew my son loved me from day one. However, I love seeing him demonstrate it

The other night my stomach was bothering me and I was laying in my bed. He came in and I told him that mommy had an upset stomach. He came over and rubbed my back and kissed my shoulder and said, “it’s OK mommy.”

Autism often is very challenging but when our kids come through and I mean really connect and express their thoughts, they are so loving and caring.

Autism: The Meltdown

Often our kiddos get judged from their meltdowns.

Meltdowns are often due to some imbalance in their bodies. Imagine if we were only judged by our meltdowns as adults? I was so proud of my loving, truly caring and compassionate son.

Our kiddos are in there. Even when they are non-verbal or limited verbal (like my son). To me that was my son and who his character truly is… let’s focus on the 23.5 hours in the day, not the 30 min of meltdowns (or whatever your number is)…..

I am raising a loving kiddo and that is the most important thing to me.

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