Autism Approved

We created our formula of Organic, Raw, Full Spectrum CBD to assist our young son on his return from an autism diagnosis in the severe range at age two, to a gifted kindergartener attending local school with his two sisters. Our Raw CBD is a safe & heavily researched hemp based product that our bodies produce naturally, was the key to decreasing generalized & social anxiety, balancing mood swings and providing the calm contentment to enjoy home and school. offers sublingual CBD oils in several concentrations and flavors for children and adults with a wide variety of needs. For those too young to hold it under their tongues for sublingual use, mixing with freshly made juices is the next best alternative. Our big family owned company was built on the safety and effectiveness of a CBD product for our young son which means you can trust we will provide the best CBD products for your loved ones too.

We ship orders across the country by visiting or call for a personal consultation at (888) 438-9808. We also offer a 50% discount for those dealing with Autism or associated with Autism Hope Alliance, simply mention AHA or use the promo code AHA50.