Autism Approved

Advanced Brain Technologies

Creators of the world’s most innovative neuroscience-based music programs for optimal brain health and functioning, Advanced Brain Technologies has been helping kids and adults on the autism spectrum globally for over 20 years.

Our evidence-based in-home interventions support the brain through a natural developmental approach. Just as you can strengthen your body through exercise, you can change your brain through targeted training, which our scientifically-designed music listening therapy provides.

The Listening Program® is an effective stand-alone intervention and can be integrated as an adjunct to other therapies such as Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Music Therapy, Neurodevelopmental programs, Behavioral Therapy (ABA), Floortime, Son-Rise, Relational Developmental Intervention (RDI), SCERTS, Biomedical, Neurofeedback, and other complementary approaches.