Arnels Originals

Back in 1996, Arnel and her two daughters were diagnosed with Celiac Disease. After discovering other food sensitivities, (dairy, corn, artificial food colorings) Arnel was determined to feed her family with nutritious delicious food. That is how Arnels Originals gluten free, organic, allergy friendly baking mixes were born.

With a strong science background and an engineering brain, Arnel created 5 gluten free baking mixes that make virtually ANYTHING flour can make (Soft Bread, Moist Cakes, Outrageous Cookies, Nutritious/Delicious Pancakes, and PIZZA). Each mix makes a multitude of foods, which makes them a perfect choice for the creative cook.

If you are looking for gluten free, organic baking mixes with clean whole grain ingredients and a taste and texture thats jaw-droppingly delicious, Arnels Originals will be a perfect fit. See our website for cooking videos and amazing recipes. We, at Arnels Originals, aim to make your life a little bit easier.