Autism Funding Guide

Tammy Simmons, Your Disability and Autism Funding Specialist

For more than fifteen years I have been teaching families how to raise money to help them get the products and services they need for their children that insurance wont pay for.

My journey began when my brother Hal became a dad of triplets at 27 weeks, all weighing less than two pounds. The neonatologist told them it would be a miracle if all three survived. Hals son Jacob ended up having Cerebral Palsy. At ten years old, his parents wanted Jacob to receive HBOT treatments. Hals insurance company refused to cover it. With that notification, I told Hal I would raise the money myself. Eventually, I raised over $12,000, providing Jacob with three rounds of treatment.

In the course of working with many families, as well as therapists and other professionals, I became aware of how little people know about the existence of funding help. I decided that I should expand my ability to help others and write a fundraising guide so that more people find the financial assistance they need. The Funding Guide for Children with Disabilities.

Coming Soon: The Autism Funding Guide, this is the second book in the series that will focus solely on funding sources for Autism!