EEG to Go.

Why do we do overnight EEGs?
When most people hear the word seizure, they imagine a jerking body, stiffening of limbs, eyes rolling, etc. Just like on TV! The reality is, many people, ESPECIALLY KIDS WITH AUTISM, LANGUAGE REGRESSION, AND OTHER DEVELOPMENTAL DELAYS, can suffer from absence seizure activity, generally subclinical, therefore undetected. These events can appear as a short staring spell, sudden confusion, or a brief break in communication or activity. Too often, these events are categorized as behaviors and go undiagnosed and untreated.

Most Epileptologists (a neurologist with additional training and certification) will recommend an overnight EEG, ranging from 24 to 72 hours in length. The diagnostic advantages of overnight EEG monitoring are well documented, and the data collected from a prolonged study which would include awake, busy, rested and asleep periods will have much stronger impact on the physicians ability to make the proper treatment recommendations.

Why do we do EEG monitoring in the home?
We have found that many factors can influence how effective a natural living environment is during the EEG testing. Being that many spells occur during sleep, there are huge advantages to having this done at home or in a comfortable hotel room, as opposed to being attached to a hospital bed for several nights. We have found that in patients with anxiety, the difference can be an agitated, uncomfortable patient with little or no sleep while In-patient, or, the patient can be reclined on their own couch, with their own pillows, and their own pet or family members beside them. If we are to discover how your brain behaves during your normal day and night, why would we record you anywhere but at home?

How is this done?
Our system involves both, equipment using the latest in technology and software coupled with our proprietary method for getting a professional hook up, 5-star concierge customer service and technical support. We are now able to record up to 96 hours without any battery changes or maintenance. We simply connect the 24 electrodes, as well as 2 for heart rate, wrap a thin cotton cap over the head to protect the leads, and then the patient is ready to go with a small purse or backpack containing our recorder. Once the study is complete, the caregiver is able to remove the equipment at home and return it to the clinic. We do have courier service available at an additional fee. We also send you home with a high performance, HD video monitor, all set to “pop-up” on its own, once you arrive home. This is how we obtain the video recording of the patients behavior, and often most important, sleep. The process is quick and easy. Plug in power, hit the power button, watch the screen for your picture to appear! When requested by your physician, we can grant access to your Epileptologist to remotely view your EEG, remotely, while you are in your home. This is generally used when monitoring patients with uncontrolled, convulsive type seizures. *Contact us for more info.

EEG To Go is generously offering a limited amount of scholarships for those in need.


  • Patient MUST be seeing a qualified, Autism trained physician, who will not only give them an order (prescription) for the EEG test (form attached) but who will either treat or advise the patient to seek Neurological treatment if we do find evidence of seizures. Nothing is worse than doing an EEG and families not wanting to treat.
  • Patient must be able to come to Irvine for the EEG set up, and return the equipment the following day, upon completion.
  • Patient will complete standard patient information forms, medical info, for our doctor to use in reporting and resulting.

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