MaryRuth Organics
Autism Approved

MaryRuth’s was founded in 2014 by MaryRuth Ghiyam, a certified health educator, nutrition consultant, and culinary chef.MaryRuth was working as a health coach and struggling to find supplements to recommend to clients that were high-quality, delicious, and easy to take. She formulated and made a small batch of a Raspberry Liquid Morning Multivitamin to share with her clients, and the rest is history. Today, MaryRuth’s has 100+ employees and offers 130+ high-quality supplements that are all vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

MaryRuth is a mom of 4 kids and has seen firsthand the challenges that special needs families face as she has navigated her oldest son’s diagnosis of moderate hypotonia.

Inspired by MaryRuth’s employees who have children with autism, in 2021 MaryRuth’s launched a “Mitochondrial Support Blend” product to provide nutritional support to the autism community.

MaryRuth’s is committed to making its products accessible to everyone and offers a financial aid program that provides discounts to families in need. For more information, please contact