Natren has been the world leader in probiotic research and development since 1982 and probiotics are all they do. Natren is the only true probiotic manufacturer in the world that actually cultivates the probiotic strains they use in their privately owned laboratory and control every phase of the manufacturing process, in a thermally controlled pharmaceutical grade facility right here in the United States.

Their white glove service does not stop there; Natren also has Probiotic Consultants that are available to you free of charge to help you develop the best probiotic regime for you and your family’s needs. Click the link below for contact details.

Natren’s core family values go beyond the extraordinary care they take in making their products, they believe in giving back. When using coupon code AHA2018 you’ll receive a 15% discount on every order and 15% of every sale is being donated back to AHA!