Natural Partners

“Natural Partners is a resource for practitioners who strive to improve patient wellness by providing education and professional-grade vitamins, supplements and lifestyle products. Since 1995, weve researched brands with trusted product lines and welcomed them into our family of wellness. Why? So we can offer practitioners the quality products they need in a way that they love to help them provide personalized care for their patients.

And while you may have heard how seriously good we are at having fun, were equally as good at handling logistics and operational processes. We currently provide over 14,000 premium products from over 200 trusted brands. We work with healthcare practitioners daily to help them set up and maintain an efficient, seamless ordering system that ensures their patients get the supplements they need when they need them.

We know caring for patients takes a tribe. And we think that sharing the caring makes it joyful. That together we can make an even bigger difference in peoples health.”