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Cell Phone and Wireless Radiation Mitigation Devices Wholesale accounts available
New Voice offers products that mitigate the harmful electromagnetic radiations emitted from the cell phones and wireless devices. These devices contain Phi Harmonic Technologies that alter the energies being emitted from electronic equipment. Today, there is nowhere on the planet people can go to escape as the radiations from our wireless technologies that are permeating the entire globe. Therefore, each of us must do all we can to mitigate these energies.
Drs. Elizabeth Plourde and Marcus Plourde, the authors of EMF Freedom: Solutions for the 21st Century Pollution. Discover why we should be concerned about all the wireless devices we have incorporated into our environments and what can be done to reduce their impacts. Their book explains how we can live a much healthier life without needing to give up our electronic devices. 949 551-3397