Nordic Naturals

Nordic Naturals began with a simple goal: To give everyone the nutrients they need to live a healthy life. Since 1995, they’ve led the omega-3 fish oil industry by pioneering manufacturing methods to produce exceptionally fresh, pure, and great-tasting omega-3 oils. Today, Nordic Naturals continues their commitment to optimal health with a growing selection of expertly formulated products for every body, including award-winning omega-3s, vegetarian probiotics, nutritious gummies and vitamins, and more.

Nordic Naturals was born out of a pursuit of optimal health by what science makes possible. Today, research and evidence remain the principles that guide them to craft effective supplements of exceptional quality. Science informs both the formula and form of every Nordic Naturals product, and as they pursue new innovations in nutrition, their commitment to supporting optimal health through science is steadfast. Because when your goal is a healthy world, every detail matters.