Peaceful Fruits

Peaceful Fruits makes fruit snacks that are healthy, delicious, and made from blended organic whole fruit – and nothing but! Our feel-good-snacks are helping to create sustainable economic development in the Amazon Rainforest, where our founder served as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and also employ people with developmental disabilities in our hometown of Akron, Ohio!

To make our snacks, we blend whole organic fruits – never from concentrate – and then slow dry them to create the authentic version of the fruit snacks we all remember. Unlike those other ones, though, our snacks have absolutely no additives of any kind – including no sugar, corn syrup, flavoring, coloring, or any other junk!

To make you the kind of snacks you deserve, we partner with the local people in the Rainforest and also people with disabilities at home – so you can feel the love and care in every snack.