Relive Everyday

When we first discovered hemp extract we didnt see it as a business idea, we saw it as a movement. A new beginning for many people. Individuals that had been suffering for far too long now seemed to have a second chance. Some had a renewed lease on life, while others were actually living for the first time. Watching it grow in popularity, we were moved by the amazing stories we were hearing and seeing. We knew we had to be a part of it, and thats where our passion began.

Keeping those same stories close to our hearts, we set off on a journey of our own. Not only were we trying to figure out the magic that hemp extracts had in store, but we had a mission to bring to market the highest-grade products possible. Once we perfected our processes, we began to accompany those products with other supplements to see if we could get even bigger results.

We began to test the products on ourselves and loved ones, and knew we were onto something special when positive results came pouring in. It was time to bring this to the public to see how they would respond.

The outcome was incomprehensible. We were getting calls with personal testimonials, one after another. Some were dealing with small obstacles, while others had chronic struggles: individuals living with depression, lack of sleep, Autism, Veterans with PTSD, and even those just looking to add some additional cannabinoids to their routines!  But no matter what the concern, there was never a shortage of tears on both sides of the phone. It was time to pour everything we had into what we created.

We decided in those early days of business to not be lured by money, or be persuaded by what was easy or by what our competitors were doing. We decided to be a company that has only the customers in mind. This is their chance to change their life. Our resolve is to always be steadfast in bringing the very highest quality products to market. Although these products may take more time and money to make, we will keep these products affordable for the average family to buy. This is their product. This is their new beginning.