Sheltons Poultry

Sheltons Poultry, Inc. has been a family owned and operated business since 1924.  The Mission of Sheltons Poultry is to provide the finest Premium Poultry Products to consumers while maintaining standards and practices that promote family farming and manufacturers, promote the elimination of antibiotics and growth stimulants in growing chickens and turkeys, and produce products that simply taste great. At Sheltons, our Chickens and Turkeys Dont do Drugs

Our philosophy also dictates that Sheltons value added products ingredients must not be deceptive, must be simple and clear, never reading like an 11 th grade Chemistry experiment. We take every opportunity to be effective stewards of our land, our property, and our community. Animal welfare is a high priority for us as well, and our standards are effective and constantly updated to reflect the current science on the treatment of our birds.

Sheltons Premium Poultry, since 1924