Tesseract Medical Research is poised to help solve unmet medical needs through a proprietary nutrient delivery system that maximizes absorption, bioavailability and effectiveness. Tesseract’s technology allows manufacturing of unique botanicals and extracts that have previously been impossible for patients to tolerate, and significantly improve palatability, leading to promising new innovative treatments.

For example, Tesseract has taken Butyric Acid, a foul smelling, unpalatable short chain fatty acid which has been shown to be effective in Autism, and made it palatable for patients in a safe medical food.

Tesseract Medical Research is poised to reinvent the way healthcare professionals and insurance providers view natural products. We intend to prove that our natural products will, in many cases, outperform pharmaceutical therapies which will achieve greater efficiency in overall healthcare expenditures.

By maximizing the efficacy of natural solutions safely, Tesseract is improving the quality of life for patients who never thought it was possible.