The Alert Program

Are you feeling wired (high alert state), running out of steam (low alert state), or feeling focused, zeroed in on the task right now (just right state)? The Alert Program® teaches you and your kiddo how simple it is to change gears (selfregulation) and that makes life easier with less stress and less meltdowns! For the past 30+ years, countless parents, teachers, and therapists in over 40 countries world-wide have implemented the Alert Program® with great success for those who are verbal or non-verbal. They found the program to be a practical, low-budget, family-friendly, evidence-based approach to support self-regulation for all ages and all types of challenges, including autism, sensory processing, and ADHD. Its not hard! Small adjustments to your childs daily routine can bring about big results. Learn how you can make home and school easier at (receive 10% off by using coupon code AHA).