Tiny But Mighty Popcorn

Tiny But Mighty Popcorn is the naturally flavorful heirloom popcorn that doesnt get stuck in your teeth. The little heirloom seed was discovered in Iowa in the early 1850s, and has never been genetically modified or hybridized. Research at Purdue University has confirmed that its genotype is completely unique. The fact that its tiny, thin hull disintegrates during popping gives it dental and digestive benefits not found in most popcorn.
Wont get stuck in teeth or braces
Easy to digest
While those with health conditions such as Diverticulitis, Crohns and IBS typically cannot consume popcorn, most can eat Tiny But Mighty Popcorn without any issues.
Additionally, Tiny But Mighty is Gluten Free, Whole Grain, Certified OU Kosher, Non-GMO Popcorn, all grown in the USA by family farmers.