Autism Approved

Our Promise
Deliciously Deceptive Nutrition says it all. When did healthy ingredients start tasting so good? It didn’t happen overnight. We’ve been making baked snacks that live in the better for you section of the snack aisle for over 35 years. That passionate pursuit of taste-meets-health perfection has sure taught us a lot. We’ve learned that good enough is just the beginning of the journey, that being true to yourself is the key to being unique, and that putting great experiences and love of people ahead of profit can get you all three. We took that magical recipe and applied it to what we were really good at, lovingly baked it all together into our delectable varieties of Wicked Crisps.

So when you discover incredible flavors like Red Curry Hummus and Sweet Potato Soufflé combined with all of that protein and goodness from vegetables in a crisp that is formulated without GMOs, gluten or non-organic ingredients, it’s not too good to be true.

It’s what we set out to create from the start – no artificial additives or preservatives, no trans-fats – just wicked good nutrition!