So when I win the powerball tonight and have all those millions after taxes I first will be giving the Autism Hope Alliance a huge huge huge donation… Then I will work with finance gurus to have the money invested to make it grow and grow. My dream is to build communities for our kiddos to live in as they get older. Think: “The Truman Show” movie where there are communities that have markets, theatres, libraries, parks, doctors, dentists, medical clinics, nutritionists and such where our kiddos that need a little extra help can live there (in their own homes) w some help if needed and those requiring more help can have more help given to them. They can work there too. I want it to be a community where all that work in it have a huge heart and are kind to our children and our kiddos can enjoy life always no matter where they are on the spectrum. Our biggest fear often is what happens when we are gone one day…. and imagine if we could feel secure to know our kiddos are safe and happy no matter if we are here or not. A lot of our kiddos are in a happy bubble now as we protect them from the evil in the world and I would love to always protect all of our kiddos….

That’s my dream. Parents have so much to worry about, our children deserve the best always…. powerballwinner #putoutinuniverse #bigdreams

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