So I stopped at a cafe tonight for dinner as I was out doing errands. I ordered Gluten Free/Dairy Free spaghetti (which was delicious) and a glass of wine and worked on emails as I sat waiting. As I was eating the waitress came to me and said your bill has been taken care of. I said,”what” and she said a gentleman who has already left said that woman looks too nice to be eating alone and paid my bill. This is the 3rd time this year this has happened and I am floored! It has never happen prior to me this year… It always happens when I have had a pretty tough day… And I never see who does it. Thank you to whomever was so sweet to demonstrate a random act of kindness… It made my day. Literally brought tears to my eyes as life isn’t always easy. I had not one single conversation w anyone at the cafe so I have to believe the world just gave me a gift and it lifted my spirits greatly! #grateful onepersoncanmakeadifference


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